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  • Our Mission

    "To be widely recognized for advancing health and wellness, attracting best doctors, leading innovation, creating technologies, and disseminating knowledge"

  • Our Vision

    "Building the medical network of the 21st century, a network without walls, without boundaries, without limits to quality patient care, research and education for the benefit of society"

  • Our Core Principles

    "Innovation - Excellence - Patient Care - Scholarship - Education Leadership - Mentorship - Technology"

David Stather Memorial Fund

DOM donates to David Stather Fund

On September 6, 2016 the Department of Medicine presented a cheque in the amount of $2,800 to representatives of The David Stather Memorial Fund. This money was raised through generous participation from department physicians, staff, and their families in a gift basket raffle at the DOM Stampede BBQ this summer.

New and Current Department of Medicine Vice Chairs

Dr. Ann Clarke Dr. Ward Flemons Dr. Karen Fruetel Dr. Jane Lemaire Dr. Dan Muruve

Dr. Ann Clarke
Vice Chair, Research

Dr. Ward Flemons
Vice Chair, Health Analytics & Safety

Dr. Karen Fruetel
Vice Chair, Education

Dr. Jane Lemaire
Vice Chair, Physician Wellness

Dr. Dan Muruve
Vice Chair, Precision Medicine


Dr. Alex Leung

Dr. Alex Leung has been awarded a New Investigator Award from Hypertension Canada to further is project: "Prospective Evaluation of Confirmatory Tests for Primary Aldosteronism". Please join us in congratulating Dr. Leung on this outstanding achievement.

Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism Rounds

Dr. Andre Lacroix

Dr. André Lacroix
"New Regulatory Mechanisms of Cushing's Syndrome"

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 | 7:30am - 8:30am
G500, Health Sciences Centre

For more information please contact Peggy Holmes

Dr. David Hanley Osteoporosis Centre Website

We are pleased to announce that the new website is now live. This website is a tremendous resource for the Dr. David Hanley Osteoporosis Centre, patients, and primary care community across Southern Alberta. This initiative has greatly helped us to meet our mandate of care and education that goes far beyond the clinic walls.

You can access the site at

New Department Member

Dr. Cathy Lu

Dr. Cathy Lu has joined the Department of Medicine as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Section of Gastroenterology with interests in Bowel Ultrasound in Inflammatory Bowel Disease with a special interest in Crohn’s Disease Strictures. Prior to this,
Dr. Lu completed her fellowship in Inflammatory Bowel Disease at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Lu to the department.

New Department Member

Dr. Joyce Wendy Wong

Dr. Joyce Wendy Wong has joined the Department of Medicine as a Clinical Lecturer in the Section of Dermatology with interest in General Dermatology. Prior to this,
Dr. Wong completed her residency at the University of Calgary. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Wong to the department.

New Appointment

Jason Yuen

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Yuen as our new Contract and Finance Assistant for the Department of Medicine. Prior to this, Jason was the Document Controller at Rising Edge Technologies. Please join us in welcoming Jason to his new role.

He can be reached at:
Phone: 403-944-5605

Message from Dr. Subrata Ghosh

Dr. Subrata Ghosh

Former Zone Clinical Dept. Head
Dr. Subrata Ghosh

I remember, 5 years ago in January, I entered the 9th Floor office and Dr. Conly had left me with a book on procedures for conducting meetings. I decided to count how many meetings I did in 2014 and the number came out to be 702. So Dr. Conly was right. But Dr. Conly left behind many other things, especially a strong ARP and a strong sense of innovation.

I remember when I did my second medical executive committee meeting, Dr. Jane Lemaire, commented "You should be sitting at the head of the table, it is easier to run the meeting from there and everyone can see you". I sensed something evil – if people want to chuck things at you during the meeting you will take a direct hit from everyone, at the head of the table. I stuck to sitting at the side of the table, and the only things I got thrown at me were kindness, support, wisdom and collegiality. Our surveys show that we are the most collegial department.

The department faced many challenges - we could not change the direction of the wind, but we frequently adjusted our sails to often reach our destination. Taking on a Department Head role is always a big change. What drove me and gave me the most pleasure before was to get a paper into NEJM or Lancet or Nature Medicine, or diagnose a rare condition, or stop a GI bleed and save a life. However, you find as a Department Head that what matters a lot more is to see a young faculty member succeed in publishing a paper that made an impact, be recognized as an educator or a Master Clinician … or a senior member who can think they can do something different and take a new direction and be successful.

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Important Deadlines

Submissions for Promotion - Clinical Professor
October 31, 2016
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Submissions for Promotion - Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor
November 30, 2016
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