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As an academic department within the Cumming School of Medicine, we are committed to the highest quality research for the benefit of our patients and society as a whole. Here you will find information and links to support academic research through the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services (AHS). While U of C resources are listed below, AHS also offers resources for researchers, which can be accessed through the following website or by emailing

Our newly established Research Office is located on the 9th floor of the North Tower and is coordinated by Christina Hirota, PhD. The intent is to help members, especially new faculty members, to navigate research funding opportunities and associated research-related processes (i.e. legal, ethics, research accounting) and to foster research collaborations between Department members and scientists in the various research institutes. We have established links to the Office of the Associate Dean, Research through Jenna Slobozian ( who is the CSM Research Facilitator.

Note that all University of Calgary employees are required to complete core training as outlined in the “Health & Safety” tab, regardless of their involvement in research. Please ensure you have completed the required training.

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Dr. Ann Clarke, Vice Chair – Research

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