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Message from the Department Head

Dr. Richard Leigh

Dr. Richard Leigh, Zone Clinical and Academic Department Head

Welcome to the Department of Medicine’s new website! One of the priorities when I took over as the Department Chair in April 2016 was to revamp our website to ensure that it remains current, easy to use, and a source of information and communication for all Departmental members and trainees. I’m delighted with what Nathan, Sandy, and Stormy have done with that mandate. I’m hoping that you’ll all bookmark the new website as your homepage on your computers, and that you’ll each work with your respective Divisions to ensure that the Divisional links are updated and remain current in terms of member profiles. We invite you to explore the website further for exciting Departmental news and updates. We will continue to build out the website in early 2017, if anyone has ideas for content, links, or on how to make the website better, please share these with Nathan Porter (nathanne.porter@ahs.ca) or Stormy Marshall (stormy.marshall@ahs.ca). In 2017, we’ll have regular Departmental e-newsletters and updates posted to the website.
As 2016 draws to a close, it provides us with an opportunity to reflect back on the year and on the many changes that have occurred within the Department of Medicine during this time. Subrata Ghosh ended his tenure as Department Head in January, and Kelly Zarnke assumed the role as Interim Department Head until April, when I officially took over. Most interim Heads would have been content to go into a ‘holding pattern’ for that three month period but, true to his character, Kelly rolled up his sleeves and got to work dealing with the daily challenges that are this job. He certainly made my transition into the role much easier, and I want to thank Kelly for his leadership of the Department during the first 5 months of 2016. I also want to publically acknowledge and thank Subrata for his leadership of the Department of Medicine over the last 5 years, and wish him every success in his new role as Director of the Institute of Translational Medicine at the University of Birmingham in the UK.
All that remains is for me to wish you all a peaceful and restful Holiday Season. To paraphrase Churchill, ‘…it is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection’. I hope you get the opportunity to do both. To those of you traveling, be safe. To everyone, my sincere thanks and appreciation to you for all of your work in the Department in 2016; let’s make 2017 even better! I’m around through the holidays – if anyone wants to come by for a coffee or chat and share your thoughts my door is always open…