The Department will be holding a Town Hall meeting this coming Thursday to discuss the new Academic Medicine Framework (AMF), which will replace the existing AARP in April 2017. The Town Hall is being held at Fort Calgary – so as to be conveniently accessed from all 4 acute-care sites – between 5-7 pm. We recognize that the new AMF will require greater accountability than the outgoing AARP, and it is appropriate that it does. Drs. Leigh and Schaefer have taken the view that it is better to lead on this issue and offer our input to the AMF, Alberta Health and government as to what this accountability framework and key performance indices (KPIs) might look like, rather than be told, post-hoc, what these performance metrics will be. The Department held a very successful Retreat back in September on ‘accountability’, as well as Drs. Leigh and Schaefer have been integrally involved in two small working groups developing KPIs (Dr. Schaefer) and physician profiles (Dr. Leigh). We will be discussing these in more detail at the Town Hall, and we’ll be joined by Dr. Ron Bridges, Senior Associate Dean Faculty Affairs, and Dr. Sid Viner, Acting Zone Medical Director for a Q & A session on the new AMF. Of course both Dr. Bridges (GI) and Dr. Viner (Respiratory) are members of the Department so we look forward to welcoming them ‘home’ and hearing their views. There’ll also be a chance for social interaction with colleagues with light refreshments being served.