Helios UCMG Post-Fellowship Awards

The Department of Medicine is pleased to announce that seven (7) of our final year Residents have been awarded 2019 Helios UCMG Post-Fellowship Awards.
Please join us in congratulating the following Internal Medicine Residents on their achievements:

  • Dr. Michael Bosch
    General Internal Medicine
  • Dr. May Choi
  • Dr. John Lam
    Infectious Diseases
  • Dr. Rachel Lim
    Respiratory Medicine
  • Dr. Adam Papini
  • Dr. Daniel Vis
    Respiratory Medicine
  • Dr. Jillian Walsh
    General Internal Medicine

Kidney Foundation of Canada 2019 Biomedical Research Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Daniel Muruve and Dr. Pietro Ravani have received 2019 KFOC Biomedical Research Grants for their projects.

Dr. Dan MuruveDr. Daniel Muruve
Project: Renal Immune Surveillance and its role in Kidney Inflammation.

Dr. Pietro RavaniDr. Pietro Ravani
Project: Individualizing the Hemodialysis Access Strategy: Addressing Knowledge gaps to Promote Shared Decision-Making