Dr. Jose Ferraz – Dr. John Dawson Award, FMC

Dr. Jose FerrazFor a full time Clinician with no protected time for research, Dr. Jose Ferraz continues to publish several important translational/clinical papers – approx. 50- 60 solid peer-reviewed papers. All his patients seem to love him. Dr. Ferraz is always polite and friendly to his colleagues, support staff and trainees. He cheerfully takes on any task and is willing to switch clinics with colleagues who may have some other commitment on their clinic/on call day. In summary, Dr. Ferraz is a fantastic clinician, an outstanding role model and recognized teacher.

Dr. Paul Le Blanc – Dr. Howard McEwen Award, PLC

Dr. Paul Le BlancDr. Le Blanc has been a role model for trainees and peers. He has always treated those around him in a professional and kind manner. He is a consistent role model and well respected by trainees in the IM Core Program. Paul is a skilled internist who has worked extremely hard clinically. He works in a detailed and comprehensive manner and is an asset to the medical community. He has been a well-respected clinician at PLC for over 20 years, and hence is deserving of this award.

Dr. Jennifer Williams – Dr. Terry Groves Award, RGH

Dr. Jennifer WilliamsDr. Williams is currently the Site Lead at RGH for the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, after having served for 7 years as the Division’s Quality and Education Lead at RGH. She is currently a member on the AMA Board of Directors, and helped establish the AMA Specialty Care Alliance. She is a representative on the GI/General Practice Health System Supports Committee, and is also involved with the Digestive Health Strategic Clinical Network. She is recognized as an outstanding leader at RGH, as well as an effective clinical teacher. Both at RGH and through her role within the AMA, Dr. Williams champions a workplace culture of wellness, respect, equity and diversity.

Dr. Peter Grundy – Dr. Tom Enta Award, Community

Dr. Peter GrundyDr. Grundy has been at the Associate Clinic since 1997 and appreciates medical residents and endocrine fellows working alongside with him in the clinic. His practice has always been general endocrine but he is involved in the Division’s thyroid cancer management group and also the thyroid tumor board rounds that he attends in conjunction with surgery, radiology, and pathology, giving an interesting dimension to his practice. Dr. Grundy’s empathy towards his patients is visible in the time spent with each one of them – listening to them, explaining the “hows” and “whys” in ways they can understand. He claims this as most gratifying.

Dr. Leanne Reimche – South Health Campus Award

Dr. Leanne ReimcheDr. Reimche is a dynamic leader at South Health Campus. Since joining the team in 2014 as the Site Chief for the Department of Medicine, she has been a valued mentor to all. This year she completed her Masters at Harvard in certificate for Patient Safety, Quality, Innovation and Leadership and is now the Site Lead for Patient Safety. She carries this enthusiasm with her to the MTU where she is a skilled bedside physician and engaging teacher. She always has patient care at the forefront and diligently cares for her patients. Dr. Reimche truly encompasses all the characteristics of this award.

Dr. Gregory Kline -Dr. Martin Atkinson Award, RRDTC

Dr. Gregory KlineDr. Gregory Kline is a highly valued member of the Division of Endocrinology and the Department of Medicine. To his many colleagues, he is the quintessential ‘clinician’s clinician’; we all refer our most difficult endocrine patients to him for evaluation and management. Dr. Kline served, with distinction, as the Interim Endocrinology Division Chief from 2012-2015, and he currently serves as the Medical Director of the Hanley Osteoporosis Centre at RRDTC. He also leads an innovative program of community access and triage within the Division of Endocrinology to reduce wait times to access specialist referral. As well, he has been active in promoting the adoption of electronic medical records in clinical practice within his Division.

Dr. Marcy Mintz – Professionalism Award Award

Dr. Marcy MintzDr. Mintz recognizes that practicing medicine is a moral human endeavor. She is a highly competent and compassionate physician, who uses her skills and knowledge in the service of others. She is dedicated and highly accountable, taking ownership of difficult tasks like directorship of the Residency Training Program, with its complex dimensions. She personifies great balance between exhibiting incredible forbearance and discretion, remaining tactful in difficult situations and at the same time conveying the expectation that others she works with uphold the same high standards that she sets for herself. Hence, making her deserving of this award.

Dr. Cheryl Barnabe – Team Builder of the Year Award

Dr. Cheryl BarnabeDr Cheryl Barnabe is very deserving of the Team Builder Award as, along with her colleagues Dr Lindsay Crowshoe in Family Medicine, medical anthropologist Rita Henderson, and the Indigenous leadership of the Siksika First Nation and the Elbow River Healing lodge, she has built a team committed to establishing cohesive models of care that are culturally appropriate and respectful of Indigenous communities’ wishes and specific healthcare needs.

Dr. Chandra Thomas – Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Award

Dr. Chandra ThomasDr. Chandra Thomas, currently with Nephrology, demonstrates a tireless pursuit and advocacy for patient safety. She devotes meticulous attention to processes for quality improvement. Dr. Thomas has a passion for the process, unlike no other, when it comes to designing safety systems and quality improvement projects. Medicine reconciliation is a good example where Dr. Thomas was instrumental in design and execution. She is always willing to contribute, stepping up to do jobs for the Section, Department and AHS when patient safety is at stake.

Dr. Louis Girard – Dr. John M. Conly Innovation Award

Dr. Louis GirardDr. Louis Girard has been with the Division of Nephrology in the Department of Medicine since 2010. He established the first multidisciplinary glomerulonephritis specialty clinic in Alberta, which has improved the standard of care for patients. He is an outstanding clinician and has promoted precision medicine for patients with glomerulonephritis and other complex immune diseases. He is directly responsible for establishing a glomerulonephritis clinic in Edmonton. He is Director of the Apheresis Program overseeing the treatment of patients outside of typical Nephrology practice. He has positively contributed to innovative patient care and thus is deserving of this award.

Dr. Qahir Ramji – Rookie of the Year Award

Dr. Qahir Ramji

Dr. Rahim Kachra – Repeat Offenders Award

Dr. Rahim Kachra

Dr. Kerri Johannson – Research Preceptor Award

Dr. Kerri Johannson

Drs. Mike Fisher & Ian Scott – Golden Bull Award

Drs. Mike Fisher & Ian Scott

Dr. David Low – Silver Tongue Award

Dr. David Low

Dr. Andre Ferland – Ectopic Award

Dr. Andre Ferland

Dr. Janeve Desy – Work Life Balance Award

Dr. Janeve Desy

Stephen Yu – Allied Health Award

Stephen Yu