21/06/2022"Intergenerational Trauma: Working with Indigenous Populations to Heal Past History and Move Forward in Reconciliation"Joanna Gladue
14/06/2022"Update from the Strategic Clinical Networks: Lessons learned from the Pandemic, and SCN Initiatives of Relevance to Medicine Specialists"Drs. Braden Manns and Anna Purdy
07/06/2022"The Diversity of Alberta Physicians: Results and Meaning of a Cross-Sectional Survey"Drs. Shannon Ruzycki and Pamela Roach
31/05/2022"The IBD Treatment Landscape: Where we are Today and Where are we Going?"Dr. Christopher Ma
24/05/2022"Human Biomedical Research in the Third Dimension"Dr. Mark Gillrie
17/05/2022"Updates from Research on the Prevention and Management of Acute Kidney Injury in the Hospitalized Patient"Dr. Matthew James
10/05/2022"Patient-Centered Gender-Affirming Care"Dr. Nathalie Saad
03/05/2022"Brain Body Connection"Dr. Valerie Taylor
26/04/2022"Eosinophilic Esophagitis: What an Internist Needs to Know"Dr. Milli Gupta
19/04/2022"Blood Victory: The Detection of Doping in Sports"Dr. Carolyn Owen
12/04/2022"How Does Sexual or Gender-Based Violence Impact Lives as an Experience of Trauma"Dr. Carla Bertsch
05/04/2022"Cutaneous Manifestations of Endocrine Disease: A Case-Based Presentation"Dr. Richard Haber
29/03/2022"The What, Why, and How of Coaching in Medicine"Dr. Karen Fruetel
22/03/2022"COVID-19 Serology – Where are we at?"Dr. Jamil Kanji
15/03/2022"IBS: A Disorder of the Brain Gut Axis"Dr. Yasmin Nasser
08/03/2022"Integrating Home Care in an Outpatient Clinic Setting"Dr. Laurie Parsons, Dr. Emily Kwan, Jennifer Salt, and Shannon Chu
01/03/2022"Perioperative & Infectious Considerations for DMARDS for Inflammatory Arthritis"Dr. Michelle Jung
22/02/2022"Fracture Liaison Service in Alberta (Secondary Prevention of Fragility Fractures)"Dr. Erika Dempsey
15/02/2022"Managing Diabetes in the Context of Homelessness"Dr. David Campbell
08/02/2022"Strategies to Incorporate Sex and Gender into Research"Dr. Colleen Norris
25/01/2022"Social Accountability: What does it mean and how can the Indigenous, Local, and Global Health Office support SA in the DOM"Drs. Dianne Mosher and Aleem Bharwani
18/01/2022"Office of Faculty Development (OFDP): Who are We and What do We do?"Dr. Sylvain Coderre
14/12/2021"What do we Know About Anti-Indigenous Bias Among Physicians in Alberta? Results from a Cross-Sectional Survey"Dr. Pamela Roach
07/12/2021"Post-COVID-19 Conditions: What is Long Covid and what can we do for it"Drs. Jason Weatherald and Kate Skolnik
30/11/2021"Beyond Hospital Walls: Home-Based Acute Care Models Bringing Hospital-Level and Specialist Care to Patients’ Homes"Dr. Michelle Grinman
23/11/2021"Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Making Hospital Discharges and Transitions of Care a Priority"Dr. Karen Tang
16/11/2021"Virtual Care in Older Adults: My Partner has a number of complicated issues and I’m … wondering whether we’ve covered it Well Enough"Drs. Sharon Marr, Jennifer Watt, Jenny Yu Quing Hu
09/11/2021"The Myth of Meritocracy in Medicine"Drs. Doreen Rabi, Zahra Goodarzi, Shannon Ruzycki
02/11/2021"Choosing Wisely: Time to Talk – How FMC’s MTU used the ‘Serious Illness Care Program’ to Enhance Patient-Centred Communication"Dr. Jessica Simon
26/10/2021"Limb Preservation in Individuals with Diabetes"Dr. Zaina Albalawi
19/10/2021"Send it to the Lab! How to get the Most out of Laboratory Consultations"Dr. Amy Bromley
12/10/2021"Transplant Medicine - What the Internist Should Know"Dr. Mitesh Thakrar
05/10/2021"Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) for Autoimmune Diseases"Dr. Jan Storek
28/09/2021"Caring for People Who use Opioids – Changing the Narrative"Dr. Kate Colizza, Alicia Koshman, and Brady Ackroy
21/09/2021"Physician Wellness and the COVID-19 Pandemic"Dr. Jane Lemaire, Alicia Polachek and Dr. Shannon Ruzycki
14/09/2021"Vaping-Related Lung Disease: Is this the End or just the Beginning"Dr. Tara Lohmann
01/06/2021"DoM Year in Review & Looking towards the Future"Drs. Jayna Holroyd-Leduc and Jennifer Williams
11/05/2021"Everything a Medical Internist Needs to Know about Diagnosing and Managing Seizures and Epilepsy: An Update"Dr. Nathalie Jette
04/05/2021"Quality Improvement and Patient Safety: Implications for Physician Training, Equity, and Social Accountability"Dr. Allison Brown
27/04/2021"Applying Value-Based Healthcare in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities"Dr. Anshula Ambasta
20/04/2021"2020 Evidence-Informed Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Management of Obesity in Adults: A Cross-Country Check-up"Dr. David Lau
13/04/2021"Acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: An Update"Dr. Dawn Goodyear
06/04/2021"Asthma - An Update"Dr. Patrick Mitchell
30/03/2021"Updates in the Management of Spontaneous Pneumothorax"Dr. Erik Vakil
23/03/2021"Canadian Indigenous Dermatology"Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis
16/03/2021"To Err is Human: Cognitive Bias and Clinical Reasoning"Dr. Stephen Vaughan
09/03/2021"Dermatologic Manifestations of COVID-19"Dr. Danya Traboulsi
02/03/2021"Gout Diagnosis and Management for the Internist: An Introduction to the Gout Inpatient Order Set"Drs. Paul MacMullan and Stephanie Kulhawy-Wibe
23/02/2021"Clinical Practice Guidelines – Defining a Path to Better Care"Dr. Doreen Rabi
16/02/2021"The Global Epidemiology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Time of a Pandemic"Dr. Gilaad Kaplan
09/02/2021"Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined and Clinical Significance: More than just a Monoclonal Protein"Dr. Victor Zepeda
02/02/2021"Cardiovascular and Kidney Outcomes related to Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy"Dr. Sandra Dumanski
26/01/2021"Geriatric Medicine Pre-Operative Clinic"Dr. Stacey Hall
19/01/2021"The Lupus Patient Journey - Onset, Outcomes, and Opportunities"Dr. May Choi
12/01/2021"From Trials to Guidelines - Improving Kidney Outcomes"Dr. Louis Girard
01/12/2020"Fifty Shades of Yellow: A Review of Xanthodermatology for Internists"Dr. Richard Haber
24/11/2020"New Frontiers in the Diagnosis and Management of Early Upper GI Cancer"Dr. Paul Belletrutti
17/11/2020"Acetaminophen Poisoning: Old Dog, New Tricks"Dr. Mark Yarema
10/11/2020"Perioperative Anticoagulant Management: What Have we Learned from the PAUSE Study?"Dr. James Douketis
03/11/2020"Weight Management: What the General Internist Should Know"Dr. Peter Rye
27/10/2020"Aging with Pride: Addressing the Medical Needs of LGBTQ2S+ Older Adults"Drs. Caley Shukalek and Caroline O'Shaughnessy
20/10/2020"Compassionate Leadership"Dr. John Van Aerde
13/10/2020"COVID and Frail Older Adults"Drs. Jim Silvius and Vivian Ewa
06/10/2020"Immunotherapy for Hematological Malignancies: The Alberta CAR T-Cell Therapy Program"Dr. Mona Shafey
22/09/2020"Bowel Ultrasound in GI: The New Paradigm"Dr. Cathy Lu
15/09/2020"COVID-19: Quo Vadis?"Dr. John Conly
04/05/2020"Listen, Learn, and Lead: Shaping our Future Together"Dr. Adrian Wagg
28/04/2020"Reflect, Rethink, Rebuild – A Vision for Moving the Department of Medicine Forward Post Pandemic"Dr. Jayna Holroyd-Leduc
06/04/2020"Enabling POCUS Readiness"Dr. Irene Ma
04/02/2020"4 Things Every Internist Should Know About the Hospitalized Older Adult"Dr. Michelle Persaud
28/01/2020"Practical Management of Alcoholic Hepatitis"Dr. Meredith Borman
14/01/2020"Bronchiectasis for the Internist"Dr. Kate Skolnik
10/12/2019"Leveraging Advanced Data Analytics and Technology to Improve Health"Dr. Robert M. Califf
03/12/2019"Meditation on Measurement: 'Precision Medicine' May Be Less Real Than We Think"Dr. Greg Kline
26/11/2019"Healthcare for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness"Dr. Monty Ghosh, Genevieve Wright, Eileen Emmott
19/11/2019"Just Culture: A Cornerstone of Patient Safety"Dr. Ward Flemons
12/11/2019"Gender Equity in Medicine: Equity, Equality, and Other Myths"Drs. Aleem Bharwani and Shannon Ruzycki
05/11/2019"Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy in Calgary 2019"Dr. Kristen Brown
29/10/2019"Time of Death: 0122h – What Do I Do Now? Navigating Care After Death in Calgary"Dr. Amy Bromley
22/10/2019"Depression and Anxiety in the Elderly"Dr. Zahra Goodarzi
15/10/2019"Updates on the Management of Venous Thromboembolism"Drs. Jeff Shrum, Deepa Suryanarayan, Julia Tien, Leslie Skeith, and Eric Duong
01/10/2019"Join the Fight Against Tuberculosis: An Update for General Internists and Specialists"Drs. Dina Fisher and Julie Jarand
24/09/2019"Vascular Protection: Translating Evidence into Clinical Practice"Dr. Martin Cowie
17/09/2019"Renovations in the Medical Home: How the Landscape of Primary Care is Changing"Dr. Rick Ward
10/09/2019"Gender Equity in the Department of Medicine"Drs. Aleem Bharwani and Shannon Ruzycki