Robbie OvendenIt is with mixed feelings the Department of Medicine announces the departure of Robbie Ovenden, his last day will be September 10, 2021.

Robbie Ovenden has only been with the DOM in his current tenure as a coordinator with the finance team since the end of June, but we sincerely appreciate his efforts to see us through a very busy summer. Many of you will also remember Robbie from his previous roles with Medical Affairs and with the DOM as the MTU scheduler. We wish Robbie the best of luck as his career journey takes him away from AHS and to a new opportunity in industry.

With the departure of Robbie our finance team is very short staffed at the moment, in what is a very busy time of the year. We are actively recruiting into both roles and hope to be fully staffed again soon. In the interim we have some support from Medical Affairs. Helen Huang ( is supporting AMHSP and DOM finances. Darcy Andres ( is supporting the COVID ARP (contracts and invoices/payments). Please reach out to them directly as needed, or Allison Mirotchnik if they are unable to assist ( appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this period of transition, please join us in congratulating Robbie on his new adventure!