Wendy Desjardins-KallarIt is with mixed feelings that I announce that as of December 14, I will be leaving the Department of Medicine in order to be redeployed back to the Peter Lougheed Centre to assist with front line care of COVID-19 patients.

With more than 10 years of critical care experience, I felt it was my responsibility to assist my colleagues in caring for the increasing volumes of patients that are being admitted daily to hospital, knowing that the team within the Department of Medicine are well situated to continue to support the physicians through this time.

I want to extend my thanks to Jeannie Shrout and the leadership team within Medical Affairs for being an amazing team to work with and learn from over the last year; the knowledge and expertise that they have shared with me has been invaluable. I also wish to deeply thank the team within the DoM who have been a spectacular group to lead and work with over what has been a most unusual and trying year.

I will miss all of the staff both within the DoM as well as Medical Affairs greatly; however, I am excited to give back to patients in their time of need before moving on to my role as Program Manager for ARCH.

Thank you all so much and all the very best in 2021.

– Wendy Desjardins-Kallar