Allison MirotchnikWhat a busy few months! It was great to have so many of you participate in our February Healthy Hearts Challenge, it definitely helped me get outside and moving more than usual. Personally I am happy to say goodbye to the cold weather and hello to Spring!

Our education teams have been busy with CaRMS and Accreditation preparations. We are eagerly looking forward to match day to find out who will be joining us here in Calgary this summer. Our administrative teams continue to work hard, they are formally moving to their new models of working, with hybrid arrangements for many, beginning April 18th. Our 9th floor space will also be working in a hybrid onsite model and we have developed plans so that there is consistently team members on site should you need anything from the team in person.

Wave 4 of Connect Care is coming quickly, as we approach launch date in late May. This is an exciting time and despite the long hours ahead for those involved with launch it is a major step along the path towards a provincial clinical information system.

You will have all heard the recent news of Dr. Verna Yiu’s departure from the role of CEO, and many are struggling with this news. She lead with compassion and integrity and no doubt will be missed in that role.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I am wishing you all a Happy Spring.

– Allison Mirotchnik