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Medical Grand Rounds Presentations
Date Topic Presenter(s)
03/12/2019 "Meditation on Measurement: 'Precision Medicine' May Be Less Real Than We Think" Dr. Greg Kline
26/11/2019 "Healthcare for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness" Dr. Monty Ghosh, Genevieve Wright, Eileen Emmott
19/11/2019 "Just Culture: A Cornerstone of Patient Safety" Dr. Ward Flemons
12/11/2019 "Gender Equity in Medicine: Equity, Equality, and Other Myths" Drs. Aleem Bharwani and Shannon Ruzycki
05/11/2019 "Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy in Calgary 2019" Dr. Kristen Brown
29/10/2019 "Time of Death: 0122h – What Do I Do Now? Navigating Care After Death in Calgary" Dr. Amy Bromley
22/10/2019 "Depression and Anxiety in the Elderly" Dr. Zahra Goodarzi
15/10/2019 "Updates on the Management of Venous Thromboembolism" Drs. Jeff Shrum, Deepa Suryanarayan, Julia Tien, Leslie Skeith, and Eric Duong
01/10/2019 "Join the Fight Against Tuberculosis: An Update for General Internists and Specialists" Drs. Dina Fisher and Julie Jarand
24/09/2019 "Vascular Protection: Translating Evidence into Clinical Practice" Dr. Martin Cowie
17/09/2019 "Renovations in the Medical Home: How the Landscape of Primary Care is Changing" Dr. Rick Ward
10/09/2019 "Gender Equity in the Department of Medicine" Drs. Aleem Bharwani and Shannon Ruzycki

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September 12
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    Renal Rounds

    07:45 -09:00
    Health Sciences Centre (HSC)
    3350 Hospital Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4Z5, Canada

    Topic: “A Potpourri of Potassium”
    Presenter(s): Dr. Adam Bass

    Telehealth Locations:
    – Room G500, HSC
    – Room 4056, PLC
    – Room 2201, SMCHC

    Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacy Rounds

    08:15 -09:15
    Foothills Medical Centre (FMC)
    Foothills Medical Centre, 29 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB, Canada

    Topic: To Be Announced
    Presenter(s): To Be Announced

    Unit 36 Teaching Room, FMC

    Hematology Rounds

    12:00 -13:00
    Tom Baker Cancer Centre (TBCC)
    Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada

    Topic: “CD19 CAR T-Cells for B-Cell Malignancies: the Promise and the Reality”
    Presenter(s): Dr. Kevin Hay

    – Auditorium, TBCC

    Principles of Nephrology or Principles of Fluid & Electrolytes

    12:00 -13:00
    Foothills Medical Centre (FMC)
    Foothills Medical Centre, 29 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB, Canada

    Unit 36 Meeting Room, FMC