The Endocrinology Division has an active osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease research program. At the Dr. David Hanley Osteoporosis Centre, our research focus is on assessing and improving the quality of osteoporosis care for Albertans. Dr. Emma Billington and Dr. Greg Kline are currently collecting data from our novel group ‘Self Consult’ program to assess treatment outcomes, experiences, and satisfaction of patients who attend this program.

Drs. Billington and Kline, along with Dr. Chris Symonds, are also conducting a study to evaluate the quality of bone mineral density reporting and fracture risk estimation among adults who are referred to the Osteoporosis Centre. Dr. Billington also works closely with the Bone Imaging Lab at the McCaig Institute for Bone & Joint Health, where her ongoing projects include a large randomized controlled trial of vitamin D supplementation, an investigation of how state-of-the art bone imaging (XTremeCT) can be used to predict hip fracture risk, and an evaluation of bone turnover status in persons with chronic kidney disease.