Thyroid nodule and thyroid cancer research in the Division of Endocrinology spans from basic and translational to clinical and health outcomes research with the overall clinical goal to establish evidence based, up to date, and personalized diagnosis and treatment pathways in a Multidisciplinary Thyroid Nodule and Thyroid Cancer Clinic (MDTCC).

In their laboratory (paschkeeszlingerlab.wordpress.com) in the Arnie Charboneau Cancer Institute Dr. Markus Eszlinger (PhD) and Dr. Ralf Paschke (Chair Provincial Endocrine Tumour Team) work to further elucidate of thyroid tumour etiology and progression and apply this knowledge to the molecular diagnosis of  indeterminate and non diagnostic thyroid nodule fine needle aspiration cytologies (FNACs). Together with Dr. Sana Ghaznavi (Endocrinology), Dr. Moosa Khalil (Pathology) and other colleagues, they work towards the introduction of molecular fine needle aspiration diagnostics into routine clinical practice. Dr. Chris Symonds (Head Calgary TBCC Thyroid Tumour Group) concentrates on refining risk stratification for thyroid cancer in thyroid nodules using clinical and ultrasound-derived risk of malignancy criteria. He is also interested in evidence-based individualization of initial care and follow-up for patients with thyroid cancer.