Central Booking: 403-955-8146
Central Fax: 403-955-8634 (referrals)

The Section of Endocrinology is committed to providing excellence in patient care in all aspects of Endocrinology and Metabolism including Diabetes, Metabolic Health, General Endocrine, Osteoporosis, Thyroid Disease, Thyroid Cancer, Pituitary and Adrenal Disease, Diabetes in Pregnancy, Neuroendocrine Disease and Reproductive Endocrinology.

To refer a patient, as a physician, please use the generic referral form and fax to Endocrine Central Access and Triage at 403-955-8634. For URGENT referrals, Call Central Access and Triage (CAT): 403-955-8030 to discuss AND fax an urgent referral to 403-955-8634 with insulin orders if needed.


Endocrine Central Access and Triage
Phone: 403-955-8030
Fax: 403-955-8634