If you are participating in the program, you should have already received the clinic schedule by e-mail. This package contains a set of objectives written by the core Internal Medicine program as a guide for residents rotating through endocrinology. This may help you guide your study but we encourage reading around cases you see as the most effective learning tool.

Evaluations from the rotation will be completed via the one45 system. Each preceptor with whom you work will receive a request to complete this evaluation on-line. The preceptor(s) with whom you work during your inpatient consultation service will be considered the major evaluators and should give you a verbal evaluation at the end of the week. Please ask for this at the end of your week. Call schedule made up with fellows.

Section Rounds

You are expected to attend weekly Endocrinology Division rounds held on Wednesday mornings from 0730h to 0830h in room G500, Health Sciences Centre from Sept 1st until June 30th. You may wish to attend at this location if you have a Wed am clinic at FMC or are on the inpatient service. These rounds are also available via telehealth from room 21213 at Richmond Road Diagnostic and Treatment Centre from September to June.
You are expected to attend as this does form part of your didactic experience on the rotation.

Outpatient Clinics

Morning clinics usually start at 8:30 am and run until noon (Dr. Donovan starts at 8:15 am on Monday mornings, The Associate Clinic starts at 9 am, and Dr. Venos starts his Tuesday clinic at 8:00am). You are welcome to attend Medical Grand Rounds on Tuesday mornings if you wish and then go to clinic directly thereafter but please confirm with your preceptor ahead of time. Afternoon clinics start at 1:00 pm and usually run until 5:00 pm. You are expected to show up on time & attend all the clinics that you are scheduled for. If, for some reason, you cannot attend, it is up to you to inform the preceptor with as much notice as you are able. Similarly the preceptor must give you ample warning if a clinic is cancelled and try to arrange for you to attend an alternate clinic. No clinics are usually scheduled on Fridays. You are thus expected to contact the on-service resident or staff on call Friday morning to meet and help out with the consult service that day (also if no clinic scheduled other days). Teaching sessions may often be given on a Friday by the staff. Reciprocal parking is available at RRDTC and Sheldon Chumir Centre for those who are scheduled to go to the Associate Clinic downtown. Please do not go through the patient charts ahead of time unless invited to do so by your attending physician.

If you are absent for ANY reason, it is expected that you notify your preceptor directly (it is NOT sufficient to call the clinic nor let the inpatient team resident know). Failure to follow this procedure will result in a professionalism flag on your ITER.

Inpatient Consultation Service

You will work closely with the attending staff on call for the week and sometimes also with one of the endocrinology fellows. You are expected to see new consults and round daily on patients the service is following. Ample time should exist for 1:1 teaching with the staff as well as often for at least one “sit down” teaching session.

During your rotation there will be time for independent study. There are a series of articles in One45 (found under the “My Rotations” tab). You may review these on your own or your fellow may ask you to review one of these topics and tell the group what you've learned. Enjoy!

Insulin Pump Therapy Guidelines

The provincial "Guidelines for the Safe Management of Insulin Pump Therapy in Hospital" are now available and can be found online at:


If you are on-call and are uncertain in either your telephone advice or whether you need to go in to see the patient after hours, please contact the on-call staff immediately.


The preceptor with whom you have worked on the inpatient consultation service should provide feedback to you at the end of the week. Clinic preceptors are also encouraged to review how you have done in each clinic.

Enjoy your rotation; please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or problems.


Dr. Vicky Parkins, Program Director

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