Excellent opportunities for research in basic and clinical endocrinology are available. Please visit the section on research.

Quality Improvement Project

Residents may identify and start a quality improvement (assurance) project during their program.

Research Project

During the first year the resident will plan and complete a research proposal for the second and possibly subsequent years. The program director and Residency Training Committee research coordinator will assist with generation of the proposal. An individual from the Division or allied Division will act as preceptor with regular reports to be given to the RTC.

Curricula for Independent Directed Studies

Printed material in a curriculum format is available for study in the following areas. These will support independent learning and will be guided by tutorial meetings with the program director and other faculty members.

  • Basic Science as applied to Endocrinology
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement
  • Bioethics
  • Practice written short answer examinations
Learning to be a Clinical Teacher

Excellent opportunities are available to teach at the following levels:

  • Undergraduate medical education in endocrinology (small group sessions and clinical skills, supervision of clinical clerks).
  • Core Internal Medicine (small group and supervision of core residents on the endocrinology rotation).
  • Other Residency Programs (small groups)

The objectives of these teaching opportunities are to learn and gain experience with the goal of becoming an excellent clinical teacher. This should lay the groundwork for a career-long interest and high competency in clinical teaching. Review and feedback on clinical teaching is available from the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Educational Programs. Many of our present faculty members have been recognized with awards and acknowledgments for teaching excellence, including during their endocrine fellowship years. Career opportunities for clinical teachers are increasingly becoming available in Canada, particularly as we recover from the cutbacks to national and provincial health care.

International Fellowships At this time, we do not have the opportunity to support International trainees in any capacity. There are no Royal College of Physicians of Canada-certified fellowships on offer in the division of Endocrinology & Metabolism at the University of Calgary.


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