Outpatient Clinics & Endocrine Resident Longitudinal Clinic


  • University of Calgary Medical Clinic (UCMC): Richmond Road Diagnostic & Treatment Centre & Peter Lougheed Centre Sites
  • Foothills Hospital & PLC Diabetes and Pregnancy Clinics
  • Osteoporosis Clinic, Richmond Road Diagnostic & Treatment Centre
  • Diabetes Hypertension & Cholesterol Centre, Richmond Road Diagnostic & Treatment Centre
  • Tom Baker Cancer Center Outpatient Clinic
  • Associate Clinic Community Endocrinology Offices

The resident will attend at least five outpatient consultation clinics per week in addition to the weekly longitudinal clinic. The Program Director will assign each of these in a block of four weeks. The Endocrine Resident Longitudinal Clinic will continue throughout the two year program during all rotations.

Endocrine Resident Longitudinal Clinic: The resident will select patients with problems in E&M who require long-term investigation and therapy. This will enable the development of skills and knowledge in patient management regarding long-term patient care, the natural history of disease and role of possible therapeutic intervention. This will occur one-half day per week, at the Richmond Road Diagnostic & Treatment Centre outpatient clinic, under the supervision of a staff endocrinologist. This particular clinic will allow a graded level of responsibility beyond that offered by short term clinic rotations. Furthermore, the longitudinal clinic provides a unique learning experience, especially regarding the natural history of E&M disorders. This clinic has been a major success since the inception of our program in terms of guiding the transition from supervised trainee to independent consultant.

In-Patient Consultation & Teaching Rotation

Location: Foothills Hospital
General description: The Division of E&M will consult on problems on medical, obstetric, psychiatric, and surgical wards throughout the hospital. All such patients are admitted to either general medical teaching units (there is no separate E&M unit) or to wards of other departments. The resident will act as a consultant, without primary care responsibilities, to residents and clinical clerks as well as to referring physicians who are taking care of these patients.

The resident will have the opportunity to select patients to provide longitudinal follow-up outpatient care under the supervision of a staff endocrinologist. The resident will have time on this rotation to arrange and lead teaching sessions for both rotating residents and clinical clerks.

On call duties: The resident will be on-call one in four evenings and weekends. He or she is encouraged to act as the initial contact for the discussion of patient problems with the consulting physician. This will help the resident to develop communication skills, consultative expertise, and improved confidence.
Faculty supervisors: A member of the Division of E&M will serve as the attending staff for inpatient consultations.

Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism

Location: Alberta Children's Hospital
Duration: Eight weeks

This rotation includes three out -patient clinics per week under the supervision of pediatric endocrinologists. This is the major referral centre for pediatric disorders of E&M in Southern Alberta. In addition to providing inpatient services, there are comprehensive outpatient assessment facilities and a metabolic testing unit.

Community Endocrinology Rotation

Location: Associate Clinic Community Endocrinology Offices
Duration: Four weeks

Residents are exposed to a general endocrine practice environment. Each week the resident will attend 7-8 half day clinics under the supervision of four clinical endocrinologists. There is an option to do a second 4 week elective block.


Dr. Vicky Parkins, Program Director

c/o Bekah Bootsveld
Richmond Road Diagnostic & Treatment Centre
Section of Endocrinology and Metabolism
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