Anatomic Pathology

Location: Pathology Department, Foothills Hospital
Duration: Two weeks
Supervisor: Dr. Moosa Khalil

Endocrine Surgery

Location: Foothills Hospital
Duration: Two weeks. Residents will spend time seeing patients with endocrine surgical problems both in the inpatient and outpatient settings. The resident will also have the opportunity to attend the operating room to observe surgery and gain a better appreciation for the anatomy and pathology of particularly thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal disease.
Supervisor: Dr. Janice Pasieka is an endocrine surgeon in the Division of General Surgery, Department of Surgery. She works closely with the Division of E&M.

Clinical Chemistry

Location: Foothills Hospital and Calgary Laboratory Services
Duration: Two weeks
Supervisor: Drs. Alex Chin & Hossein Sadrzadeh

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Location: Diabetes in Pregnancy (D.I.P.) Clinics at any of the three major hospitals in Calgary.
Duration: A three month horizontal block in conjunction with other rotations.

This elective will provide ambulatory education for the management of pregnancy patients with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes mellitus. It will involve pre-¬pregnancy, antepartum, and labour & delivery management.

Diabetes Education Centre Rotation

Location: Diabetes Hypertension and Cholesterol Centre (DHCC), Richmond Road Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.
Duration: Two weeks

The Diabetes Hypertension and Cholesterol Centre is an outpatient setting designed to educate and assist patients with self care of these chronic medical conditions.

The resident will gain an understanding of what information patients with Diabetes Hypertension and Dyslipidemia are taught and how they are taught this information. Residents will learn about client resources and references for patient self education. This rotation will assist the resident in learning to work collaboratively in an inter-professional team. The resident will have time on this rotation to contribute to inter-professional team meetings and teaching sessions.

Faculty supervisor: Dr Julie McKeen, medical director DHCC, works with management staff at the DHCC to arrange the scheduling of this rotation. She meets with the resident during the rotation to ensure that rotation objectives are being met. Following the rotation she meets with residents to receive input on how this rotation can be improved and to assess the need to schedule and additional sessions at DHCC if any objectives remain unmet during this 2 week rotation.
Evaluation: Resident self evaluation to determine if objectives have been met, so that supplementary opportunities are arranged for any unmet objectives

Endocrine Ophthalmology

This elective will provide outpatient training for ophthalmological diseases related to disorders of E&M; specifically, diabetes mellitus and Graves' Disease.

Endocrine Oncology

Location: Tom Baker Cancer Center (TBCC) Outpatient Department

  • Thyroid Cancer Clinic. One half day per week for 3 blocks (12 weeks)
  • *Neuroendocrine Tumour Clinic. 2 half days per month
  • *Multidisciplinary Tumour board for both thyroid & neuroendocrine clinics (once/month each)
  • *Inherited Tumour Clinic (once every three months involving endocrinology, endocrine surgery and medical genetics)

*The resident is encouraged to attend regularly throughout the program

This rotation will provide outpatient experience in the broad field of oncology as it relates to disorders of E&M, with an emphasis on thyroid and neuroendocrine tumours. The resident will supervise the care of such patients. This clinic at TBCC provides facilities for the resident to provide follow-up management of patients assessed at the TBCC.


Dr. Vicky Parkins, Program Director

c/o Bekah Bootsveld
Richmond Road Diagnostic & Treatment Centre
Section of Endocrinology & Metabolism
1820 Richmond Rd. SW
Calgary, AB, T2T 5C7

Phone: 403-955-8321
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E-mail: rebekah.bootsveld@ahs.ca