DoM Internal Deadline: Helios UCMG Advanced Training Award Competition

16/12/2022 All day

UCMG Advanced Training Awards information for residents completing training in Calgary in 2023.

The award provides bridging salary support for clinical fellowship trainees who have successfully completed postgraduate medical training, and who now plan to pursue advanced clinical or academic training in a recognized centre of excellence.

DoM Internal Deadline to apply December 16, 2022. Your application package will be reviewed by the DoM and any required letters of support will be completed. The deadline to submit the completed package to the CSM is January 6, 2023.

Helios UCMG Advanced Training Award TOR
Helios UCMG Advanced Training Awards Application

Submissions should be sent to Pip Hazell (Project Coordinator, Department of Medicine, on or before December 16, 2022.

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