Geriatric Medicine Resident Rounds

11/01/2017 07:30 - 09:00
Rockyview General Hospital (RGH)
Address: Rockyview General Hospital, 14 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB, Canada

Topics: “Aging Gracefully-SPRINTing to the Right BloodPressure Target!”, “Modifiable Factors Associated with Cognition”, “Risk of Falls and Restraint use”, “Baclofen Cessation & Delirium”

Presenter(s): Drs. Umair Iftikhar, Fatima Sabet, Jacqueline Stone, and Carolyn Wong

Telehealth Locations:

  • Room 5a147-S1, HCACC, RGH
  • Room 923, North Tower, FMC
  • Room 1132, PLC
  • Room 460010, SHC