The Department of Medicine wants to acknowledge and congratulate all department members who were successful at obtaining CIHR funding from the Fall 2020 Project Grants competition. There are 6 exciting project grants that received funding where the teams will be led by department members. It is particularly great to see so many junior faculty members realizing early research funding success through CIHR.

Nominated Principal ApplicantTitleOther DOM Members as Co-PIsOther DOM Members as Co-Investigators
Dr. Anshula Ambasta"Re-Purposing the Ordering of ‘Routine’ Laboratory Tests on Medical Units (RePORT Study)"Drs. Irene Ma and Jayna Holroyd-LeducDrs. Caley Shukalek and Braden Manns
Dr. David Campbell"Healthy Food Rx - Empowering Food Insecure Albertans to Manage their Diabetes Through a Subsidized Healthy Food Prescription Program: Proposed Expansion of a Randomized Controlled Trial to Support Scale-Up and Implementation"Dr. Alun Edwards
Dr. David Campbell"Preventing Medication Complications During Acute Illness Through Symptom Evaluation and Sick Day Guidance (PAUSE)"Dr. Matt JamesDrs. Marcello Tonelli, Braden Manns, Pietro Ravani, Karmon Helmle, Doreen Rabi, and Meghan Elliott
Dr. Zahra Goodarzi"COPE LTC Study: Care Pathway for Older Persons with Depressive Disorders in Long Term Care"Dr. Jayna Holroyd-Leduc
Dr. Sachin Pendharkar"Evaluating the Impact of a Primary Care Management Pathway for Obstructive Sleep Apnea"Drs. Pat Hanly, Ward Flemons, Willis Tsai, Marcus Povitz, and Gabe Fabreau
Dr. Leslie Skeith"A Prospective Cohort Study Evaluating Peripartum Anticoagulation Management Among Pregnant Women with VTE and its Impact on Patient Outcomes"Drs. Paul Gibson, and Adrienne Lee

We want to equally congratulate all department members who are part of successful CIHR grant teams where the nominated principal applicant is not from our department. We also want to acknowledge all the hard work that many more members put in to preparing CIHR applications last fall. We wish you luck on your resubmissions. Thank you to all those department members who mentored and supported their colleagues behind the scenes.

The department recognizes that many members were unfortunately unable to apply to CIHR last fall, given the many challenges that the COVID pandemic has variably placed on members.