Dr. Alison HowleyAlison is from Newfoundland and Labrador where she completed her Biology and Medical degrees as well as her training in Internal Medicine. Her passion for Geriatric Medicine was sparked early in her medical career, and she’s so excited to have her fellowship underway! She was drawn to the Calgary Geriatrics program because of the supportive staff, the diverse learning opportunities and the wonderful allied health team.   Alison and her husband love spending time in the great outdoors with their greyhound. She’s enjoyed exploring Calgary’s walking trails and parks and has made several trips to the mountains. She also loves cooking and trying out the many great restaurants Calgary has to offer!


Dr. Mohammed KhusheimI came from Saudi Arabia to pursue internal medicine at the University of Alberta followed by Geriatric training at the University of Calgary. I had completed my Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins and currently interested in promoting older adult care and geriatric medicine in Canada and Saudi Arabia. Particularly, I wish to bridge the gap in knowledge and clinical services that geriatrics can provide the relatively young population of Saudi Arabia where geriatrics is still underdeveloped. I founded Ageless Agenda; a website geared towards educating the public about geriatric issues in layman terminology with up-to-date and actionable solutions. Although still in its initial stages, Ageless Agenda can be a medium to teach and update patients directly in a minimalistic and applicable fashion. The Calgary geriatric program is helping me realize these ambitions and providing an exceptional environment for learning, leadership, and advocating for older adult care and as such I am grateful to be a part of a synergistic team.


Dr. Laura Nino-CanonLaura was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia where she completed her medical education. She is a feline enthusiast (yes, a cat-lady) who ended up doing her Internal Medicine training at the University of Calgary and ventured on the field of Geriatrics due to her fascination with intricate story telling. She is a proud member of the R4 food-and-cinema quartet (featured above), and is always available for a hike, dance or falls assessment.


Dr. Krista ReichKrista is originally from Edmonton where she completed her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science at the University of Alberta. She then moved to Calgary for her undergraduate medical training and stayed after graduation to complete three years of Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Geriatric Medicine. Krista is drawn to the holistic approach to care that Geriatric medicine provides. She chose the Geriatric program in Calgary because of its supportive, flexible and caring working environment. Her interests lie in cognitive impairment, perioperative medicine, and improving the quality of life of older adults.

Outside of the hospital, she enjoys being active and spending quality of time with family friends. This year she hopes to learn how to downhill and cross country ski!


Dr. Taylor WongIf you ask his friends, they will probably tell you that Taylor was born about two centuries too late. He has a love for the days of yore, and never hesitates to mention how things were back in the day (even if that day was when Brock was at Queenston Heights, or when Osler was teaching the four steps of physical examination – inspection, palpation, auscultation, and…contemplation).   He grew up in Calgary, went to the University of Alberta for medical school, and then returned to Calgary for Internal Medicine and now Geriatrics. He enjoys Geriatrics for the diversity of the patients, their life stories, and for the time afforded to really understand the nuances and complexities of each case. The programme in Calgary is filled with amazing teachers, and has been nothing but supportive of opportunities in education and administration outside of the core programme.   Outside of residency, he enjoys travelling, especially to islands, the ruins of classical antiquity, and to British overseas territories, past and present. He also enjoys writing fiction and cooking (you’d be surprised how many birds, beyond just a duck and a chicken, you can simultaneously stuff into a turkey…).