In addition to taking on the role of Section Chief, Dr. Ward Flemons has also assumed the position of Vice-Chair for Health Analytics, and Safety. Dr. Flemons is widely recognized as having experience in these areas, having previously been engaged with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and as a Medical Director with the Health and Quality Council of Alberta. Dr. Flemons works closely with Edwin Enns, a senior data analyst, to access AHS’s extensive electronic data sources and build analysis and reports for the benefit of each Section and those members within Sections who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity. We are of no doubt that better data analytics, driven by appropriate clinical questions, will lead to improved models of practice and patient safety, and to more comprehensive short, medium, and long- term workforce planning within the Department. We want Calgary to continue to lead in the development of innovative models of care locally and nationally, and believe that prioritizing this initiative will allow us to continue to do so.


Requests for support can be sent directly to These will be reviewed with DoM leadership and prioritized.


CatalogueAreaWorkbookTableau Workbook NameStageAutomation
CMS Physician Activity MeasuresDepartment of MedicineCMS Physician Activity SummaryCompleteStopped
CMS Attending GroupsCompleteActive
CMS Attending Groups Hourly CensusCompleteActive
CMS NocturnistAdhoc
DOM Halfday Workload MeasureAdhoc
DOM Hospital Workload MeasuresCompleteActive
Hackathon Attending GroupsAdhoc
GastroenterologyCMS Physician Activity - GICompleteStopped
General Internal MedicineCMS Physician Activity GIMCompleteStopped
Anshulas GIM WorkbookCompleteNo
CMS Attending Groups_GIMCompleteStopped
GIM Site Lead MeasuresCompleteStopped
NephrologyCMS Physician Activity NephCompleteActive
RespiratoryCMS Physician Activity RespCompleteStopped
CMS Operations - Utilization MeasuresClinicsCMS Clinic UtilizationOn Hold Stopped
CMS Patient Quality of Care MeasuresGastroenterologyCirrhosisCMS_QOC_CirrhosisCompletedActive
Infectious DiseasesHPTPCMS_QOC_HPTPIn Process
NephrologyAcute Kidney InjuryAKIOn Hold
RespiratoryCOPDCMS Patient Quality of Care Measures COPDCompletedActive
LTBI MeasuresCompletedActive
RheumatologyRheumatoid ArthritisR4U_measures_v3CompletedActive
InpatientPeri-Operative CareCMS_QOC_Glycemic ManagementCompletedActive

Note: Requests for access to any of these can be made to


The Department of Medicine and Medical Services, Calgary Zone Health Analytics Working Group (HAWG) has been created to promote and develop clinical outcome, process and structure measures for important patient populations that the Department is accountable for in whole or in part. Clinical measures created by the HAWG will identify opportunities for clinicians and AHS operational leaders to improve patient care, reduce cost and resource use, and improve patient experience.


  • Identify and prioritize patient populations
    • Develop a method for defining patient populations
      • Using an ICD-10 grouping methodology
    • Link costing and resource use to patient populations
    • Define prioritization criteria
    • Prioritize patient populations based on approved criteria
  • Collaboratively develop important clinical outcome measures
  • Develop measures of the important clinical processes and structures where research-based evidence supports their effect on the outcomes of interest
  • Develop key process and structure measures
  • Work collaboratively with DIMR to create data marts, identify and source data
  • Develop detailed data definitions
  • Create automated reports of measures
  • Provide recommendations to the Medical Services Executive Committee to create supported working groups to improve mean results, and / or variation of results of the clinical measures that have been developed


Allan RyanClinical Analytics
Anshula AmbastaGeneral Internal Medicine
Aziz ShaheenGastroenterology
Barbara RobertsCalgary Zone Analytics and Reporting, DIMR
Claire BarberRheumatology
Deirdre McCaugheyCommunity Health Sciences
Derek BeatchSenior Analyst
Edwin EnnsAnalytics Team Lead
Erika DempseyGeriatric Medicine
Fiona ClementCommunity Health Sciences
Kristen BrownInfectious Diseases
Laurie ParsonsDermatology
Lesley StreetHematology
Peter FarisResearch Facilitation
Vicky ParkinsEndocrinology
Ward FlemonsHAWG Chair