Health Analytics & Safety

In addition to taking on the role of Section Chief, Dr. Ward Flemons has also assumed the position of Vice-Chair for Health Analytics, and Safety. Dr. Flemons is widely recognized as having experience in these areas, having previously been engaged with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and is currently engaged as a Medical Director with the Health and Quality Council of Alberta. Within the coming weeks, we plan to announce the recruitment of a senior data analyst manager to work with Dr. Flemons and other physicians, to access healthcare data managed by AHS Data Analytics (DIMR) for the benefit of each Section and those members within Sections who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity. We are of no doubt that better data analytics, driven by appropriate clinical questions, will lead to improved models of practice and patient safety, and to more comprehensive short, medium, and long- term workforce planning within the Department. We want Calgary to continue to lead in the development of innovative models of care locally and nationally, and believe that prioritizing this initiative will allow us to continue to do so.

Medical Analytical Team Support

The Data Request Form is to be used for requestors from the Calgary Zone Department of Medicine and Medical Services seeking analytical support from the Medicine Analytical Team (MAT).

Any request will be first processed by the MAT at a weekly meeting, the requestor will be contacted thereafter. Requests that will require significant analytical resources will be further reviewed by a management committee, this will require further dialogue and time to process.