Physician Wellness

The Department of Medicine’s Wellness portfolio was established in 2004. Our members are the most valuable assets of this organization. The privileged work that we do is important and intense, and we acknowledge the need to promote and facilitate health, wellness and resilience within our members. This goal is a shared responsibility between the DOM and our department members.

Through a decade’s long program of research and knowledge sharing, we have captured physicians’ views of the stresses and rewards of the work, their coping strategies, and what resilience means to them. We have learned about the interface between healthcare providers and their complex work environment through hundreds of hours of real-time observations. This has allowed us to better understand how the physical, social, technological, and emotional context of our work impacts us and our ability to deliver quality care.

Over the years, we have strived to enhance awareness of the importance of physician wellness both at the individual level, and as it relates to the quality of our healthcare system and our ability to care for our patients. We also provide opportunities to acquire concrete tools for enhancing wellness. The Well Doc? Initiative facilitates the research and knowledge sharing. Each year we deliver talks and workshops to many healthcare providers within our department, and to others across the Faculty of Medicine and Alberta Health Services.

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