Precision Medicine – Strategy & Implementation

Precision Medicine/Health (PM) spans both clinical and research domains (above and below the dotted line, respectively) within the Cumming School of Medicine (CSM). In the research domain, data are generated and used within the CSM (bottom right yellow sphere) and external to the CSM (bottom left yellow sphere). Data in these domains are generally de-identified and governed by ethics. A major goal of PM within the CSM is to translate research tools into clinical tools that positively impact patient care (top sphere) through better Prevention, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment of disease, on both an Individual (Personalized or Individualized Medicine) and Population level (Population Health). Realization of this goal requires symbiotic relationships with Alberta’s healthcare providers, especially Alberta Health Services and its clinical laboratory services division (Calgary Laboratory Services). Uptake in all domains will happen through Knowledge Translation activities (central cog).

The CSM PM strategy focuses on eight specific platforms. Seven of these platforms are represented by the circular pods that lie on the outer edge of the CSM sphere. The eighth platform is represented by the lighter yellow inner circle in the CSM sphere for the simple reason that “Data Integration, Informatics and Analytics” is a necessary component for all of the other platforms and central to the CSM PM strategy. The CSM platforms are driven and sustained by the cogs of Discovery, Research and Education, while continuing education of health professionals and the public is also integral to PM (inner translucent yellow circle of the Patient Care sphere). Access to data from the research platforms is represented by orange intersections with the spheres. Examples of external contributions necessary for PM are represented by the inner circular pods of the bottom left sphere.

The Department of Medicine has been a driving force behind the faculty’s PM strategy, thanks in part to the work of Dr. Dan Muruve, department Vice Chair for Precision Medicine and Section Chief for Nephrology. Precision Medicine programs are currently in development within the department (e.g. the Precision Medicine in Nephrology Program). To support and ensure the success of PM programs the CSM is actively seeking ways to enhance the service, academic and educational components of its PM platforms.

Precision Medicine Engine diagram