During an absence from a Site(s) of Clinical Activity, a Practitioner shall ensure requirements are met for coverage of all his/her responsibilities, and shall identify an alternative Practitioner to assume those responsibilities and to serve as Most Responsible Practitioner for his/her admitted Patients. The Practitioner providing coverage must have the appropriate Clinical Privileges. The Practitioner will document the identity of the covering Practitioner in the Patient’s health record and shall inform the Patient, and/or his/her family and/or the Patient’s Legal Representative.

Absence of less than or up to Ninety-Six Hours

Coverage for Patients during an absence of less than or up to ninety-six hours may be provided through the on-call schedule of the service or group in which the Practitioner participates, or by alternative but specific prior arrangement.

Absence of Greater than Ninety-Six Hours

During an absence of greater than ninety-six hours but less than 42 days, the provisions of section 4.15.2 of these Rules for the formal transfer of responsibility must be fulfilled. In addition, notification of the absence and the identity of the covering Practitioner will be provided to the relevant Zone Clinical Department Head(s), who shall then forward this information to the Medical Affairs Office and any other relevant Zone Clinical Department Head(s) and Zone Clinical Section Chief(s).

Absence of Greater than Forty Two Consecutive Days

For an absence of greater than forty two consecutive days, a formal leave of absence is required and must be approved in advance by the Zone Medical Director or designate upon the recommendation of the Zone Clinical Department Head(s) or designate(s). The recommendation and approval to grant a leave of absence will be based on consideration of the reason(s) for the request, the responsibilities of the Practitioner, workforce needs and the Practitioner Workforce Plan, and any other relevant matters. Only in exceptional circumstances will the length of a leave of absence exceed one year.

  • Discuss your plans with your Section Chief
  • Complete the Absence Request Form and submit it to your primary Zone Clinical Department.
  • If possible, please submit your LOA request form a minimum of three months in advance of your planned LOA
  • Please note that during your absence period clinical access to AHS systems will be suspended, however access to the AHS Network and Email will remain active during this period.


A member of the academic staff may be granted a leave of short duration not to exceed sixty-six (66) work days, with pay, from regular duties and responsibilities to enable the staff member to participate in activities which are directly related to the staff member’s regular duties and responsibilities at the University.

Vacation Entitlement

From 22-30 days (depending on length of service) - Department Head must be notified. Ifvacation is during period (a) in the chart above, Dean’s approval is required.


Please complete the Special Leave Form (requiring Provost’s Approval) for the following cases:

  • Leaves (including annual vacation) that are not entirely within either period (a) or period (b)
  • Leaves (including annual vacation) that are not entirely within either period (a) or period (b)
  • Leaves (or combination of leaves) which exceed 66 consecutive days (including annual vacation)
  • Leaves which commence within 66 days* of the effective date of an academic staff member’s appointment
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