Admissions, Inpatient Care, Transfers, Discharges, Clinical Practise Guidelines, Educational Tools, Research and Trials

Admission (admission documentation, patient disposition and SCM order sets)
Inpatient Care Guidelines (Rounding, clinical care guidelines, and SCM handover)


Transfers of Care
Discharge (Documentation, Disposition and Patient Resources)
Active Clinical Research and Trials
  • Canadian Treatment of COVID-19 Trial (CATCO) / WHO Solidarity Trial ( Identifier: NCT04330690)
    • Antiviral treatment trial available for any adult patient admitted with COVID-19 illness to Calgary Adult hospital sites. Please page 01815 during daytime hours 7 days a week if your patient is agreeable to be contacted by our team to get more information about enrolling.
  • CORONA-1 Trial
    • Please page 03977 if you have a patient with COVID-19 who you think would be eligible and willing to participate in this trial.
  • Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) Study: Diagnosis of COVID-19 Infection by Serology
    • APL is conducting a study on the usefulness of serology testing (including rapid tests) for diagnosing COVID-19. The study involves checking for IgM/IgA/IgG from the serum of SARS-CoV-2 positive inpatients every 3 days for approximately two weeks.
    • If you have a patient with COVID-19 who you think would be willing to participate in this study, please contact William Stokes at 403-463-4114 (text or call), pager 13540, or email
Post-COVID Care Resources
Miscellaneous Resources (Government case data, AHS, WHO, CMPA)