Allison MirotchnikWe are pleased to announce that Allison Mirotchnik has accepted the position of Zone Clinical Department Manager for the Department of Medicine, effective February 22, 2021. Allison brings with her a variety of knowledge and experience with a background in kinesiology, education, consulting and leadership. She holds a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology, a Bachelor’s of Education, and a Master’s of Science specializing in Cardiovascular Physiology.

Allison began her career with AHS in 2013, working as a Service Planning Consultant with the Department of Family Medicine. She then moved to an Academic Service Planning Consultant role where she was responsible for planning, developing, and implementing departmental projects and operational initiatives. Since 2016, Allison has worked as the Manager of the Department of Family Medicine, where she has played a key role in the Department’s operational, fiscal, and strategic management.Allison will continue to assist with the oversight of Family Medicine in the interim.

Please join us in welcoming Allison to her new role.