Kelsey Muldoon, Physician Recruitment Coordinator
Department of Medicine
Foothills Medical Centre 1403-29 St. NW

Tel: 403-944-2264
Email: kelsey.muldoon@ahs.ca


Pagers are not included as part of your UCMG membership. Physicians are required to purchase a pager to maintain their independent contractor status. Pagers are $250.00 and can be picked up from Kelsey's office (Room 938, North Tower, FMC) prior to your start date. Unfortunately, the DoM can only accept cheques at this time. Please make cheque payable to: Department of Medicine - AHS. An invoice will be issued.

Locum physicians - will be supplied a pager by their Section and must return pager to the Section upon termination. If transitioning to a probationary or active appointment you can:

  • Return your existing pager and purchase a new device from Kelsey
  • Keep your current number and pager and send a cheque to Kelsey

Physicians are personally and financially responsible for normal maintenance, repairs and loss of pager and are responsible for informing their assigned service of their pager number. The physician must notify switchboard and the department of any changes to their assigned pager number.


The DoM announces new active members on the DoM website with a bio and picture.
*Locum physicians are not announced on the website.

  • Complete the physician information collection form
  • Send a photo (jpeg) of yourself or, if you prefer, you can get your picture taken on the 9th floor when you pick up your pager
Lab Coats

The current procedure for lab coat procurement is:

  • Contact Vogue Uniforms (vogueuniforms@gmail.com) to order lab coats, after the order is processed they will be sent to Guardian Protective - Cost: $24
  • Contact Guardian Protective (cory@guardianprotective.com) to arrange for embroidery and delivery - Cost: $10.50 for embroidery | $8 for delivery
  • Payment through post delivery invoice
ID Badge

ID badge must be authorized by Kelsey and your Medical Staff appointment memo must be released (emailed to you) prior to obtaining your ID badge, the required form can be picked up from Kelsey's office. Bring completed form to any of the following parking offices to have your badge issued:

Site Location Phone Number Hours *Mon-Fri unless stated
Alberta Children’s Hospital Security Office 403-955-2310 07:15 – 12:00
1:00 – 3:30
Foothills Medical Centre North Tower Parking Office 403-944-3288 07:30 – 12:00
1:00 – 3:30
Peter Lougheed Centre Parking office 403-943-5493 08:00 – 12:30
1:30 – 4:00
Rockyview General Hospital Parking office 403-943-3978 07:30 – 12:00
1:00 – 3:30
Richmond Road Diagnostic Treatment Centre East Annex 403-955-8947 Call for hours
South Health Campus Parking office 403-956-1090 Mon – Thurs, 07:30 – 12:00
1:00 – 3:30

Proxy Card

Once received with your ID you can update to specific locations by emailing card.access@ahs.ca. Ensure that you have quoted the card number. Please note South Health Campus requires a proxy card for all entrances.


Return completed parking application by one of the following methods:

  • Scanning and emailing to parkingcalgary@ahs.ca. Include your home site in the subject line. (Contact Heather if you are unsure of your home site)
  • Attending in person at your site’s parking office, locations can be found here.

Parking availability is not guaranteed. Parking Services will confirm receipt of all applications.

AHS Email & Network Access

Medical Staff are eligible for an AHS Network Account. The Network Account is used to log in to AHS computers, the web portal, internal website, network drives, email, calendar, directory services, payroll (if applicable), and PACS. Medical Staff are setup by the Calgary Zone Medical Affairs Department.

Once you have your AHS Network Account please ensure you:

  • Set your password and password reset questions through Outlook Web Access
  • Update your information in the AHS Directory
    • Include phone, FAX, pager, office address, assistant’s name and contact
  • Problems? Contact IT at 1-877-311-4300

AHS’ Active Directory Accounts are used for access to AHS email, Windows, and portal access to the internal website. They are also linked to some of the clinical systems that the IT Access Office provisions and are now needed for Net Motion which is the VPN client used for remote access. If you choose not to use your AHS email please compose an out of office auto reply with email of choice as dormant accounts will be shut down by AHS.

Site Orientation

Site orientations are mandatory if you are working at South Health Campus or Richmond Road Diagnostic & Treatment Centre
To book your site orientation at:

Identity & Access Management

The AHS Identity & Access Management Service is a provincial application that manages your confidential identity information and allows you to request access to online services at AHS.

IAM currently supports:

  • AHS Security Profile
  • Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) and Network Account Unlock
  • Remote User Network Access (RUNA)
  • Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) Access Request Process

Contact IAM at ahs.iam.admin@ahs.ca

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM)

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) provides patient-centric clinical information which includes: medical and nursing orders, electronic medical administration records, clinical documentation, diagnostic imaging and, lab results. The integrated view of a patient’s complete chart also includes key demographics and visit information, historical chart data, automated reports, clinical order management and decision support.

The SCM Ambulatory Care application supports outpatient clinics and SEC (Sunrise Emergency Care) provides integrated bed tracking for Emergency departments.

Physician Training Registration: Call IT at 1-877-311-4300 (Option 1) to register for SCM training.


Training for the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) is online.

To obtain an account to log into web based training:

  • Contact the IT Access Office at 1-877-311-4300 choose option 4
  • Once you have completed the training confirm with the IT Access Office to have it activated.
Comprehensive Oncology Care Account

The ARIA oncology information system is comprehensive information and image management solution that lets you oversee all aspects of oncology care for your patients. ARIA combines radiation, medical and surgical oncology information into a complete, oncology –specific EMR that allows you to manage the patient’s entire journey – from initial diagnosis through post treatment follow- up

To set up your account:


Alberta Netcare is the name for all the projects and activities related to the provincial Electronic Health Record (HER) – a secure and confidential electronic system of Alberta patient health information.

For new medical staff applicants the Medical Staff Office is responsible for creating a new AHS active directory and Netcare account for AHS facilities, you will receive an email from them closer to your start date. Please note Netcare cannot be provisioned until you have a valid CPSA, for example: If your CPSA is active July 1st, Netcare access cannot be requested before then.



Clinibase is the source of truth for Patient Identification and Encounter Management in all acute care sites and AHS community health centres in the Calgary Zone. Clinibase generates the Regional Health Record Number (RHRN) which identifies each patient. Broad functionality includes initiating and tracking inpatient and outpatient services defined by an Encounter Number. Specific functionality includes: referrals, waitlists, pre-admission/pre-registrations, admissions/registrations, bed management, transferring and discharging of patients and patient caseload management.


Millenium Scheduler offers a regional electronic scheduling system that provides a single view of a patient’s schedule across the region, supports referral management, waitlist management and scheduling requirements. In addition, the Cerner system aligns with the future state ambulatory process flow (administrative and clinical), and enables coordination of services and resources across the region. The selection team recommended Millennium ESM Scheduler as the product offering the richest functionality and best alignment to the IT architecture. It is a very robust product that meets AHS requirements.

  • For access and training call 1-877-311-4300 or email its-accessoffice@ahs.ca
  • Each site and section is different so please discuss with your Section Chief

Clinibase and Millenium are approved and registered by Clinic Managers

Calgary Lab Services

Calgary Lab Services (CLS) is a provider of diagnostic laboratory testing, information and services that enable physicians and other health- care professionals to make decisions to improve health

To set up your account, order your requisition stamp and get an identifier number visit:

University of Calgary

UCID Number

To obtain your university credentials (UCID, IT Account and Library Access) please follow instructions below:
Obtain UCID from Human Resources once your academic appointment has been completed:
Human Resources: Email: hr@ucalgary.ca | Phone: 403-220-5932

University of Calgary Email

Once you have a UCID go online and register for an IT (email) account.
Access the online portal to view your email.

ID Card

The ONEcard is a multi-purpose campus card for students, staff, and faculty. It is the official University of Calgary ID card and can be used as a library card, Active Living membership card, electronic door access card, and debit card for purchasing meals, general merchandise, and printing and copying on campus.

Visit the Unicard Office in Dining Centre 18 with your UCID number and a piece of government issued picture ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport). They will take your photo and issue your card within a few minutes. They should have your UCID onfile.

Unicard office:

Get your Unicard | Get your ID badge | Lost or found cards | General inquiries
Dining Centre 18 403-220-7290 unicard@ucalgary.ca
Monday to Friday 8:30 to 16:30

New Faculty Orientation

The Office of Faculty Development and Performance (OFDP) offers an interactive orientation session each fall. New faculty members will be given an overview of the structure of the Cumming School of Medicine and a “Who’s Who in the Zoo” introduction to senior leadership. In addition, faculty will have an opportunity to ask questions about career advancement, promotion, teaching in the medical school, and resources & support available at CSM.

For more information, visit the OFDP website or email ofdp@ucalgary.ca.

**These sessions are not mandatory but are highly recommended**

Academic GFT Appointments

GFT physicians can find their onboarding checklist here.

Office Setup

UCMG members are entitled to an office space or dropdown station, shared administrative support, and a shared billing clerk.

It is important that you meet with your primary site’s Administrative Manager prior to your start date.

The Administrative Managers can assist you with:

  • Name and location of your administrative support
  • Computer with specific software uploaded
  • Office keys
  • Office furniture

Please contact Lanza D’Silva at 403-944-3244 or lanza.d’silva@ahs.ca to book a meeting with the Admin Manager.

Administrative Manager’s contact information:

Billing Clerks

Prior to your start date, your assigned billing clerk will reach out to you. If you require information regarding your billing clerk please contact Laurie Weston or Sandy Hafez at laurie.weston@ahs.ca or sandy.hafez@ahs.ca

Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants can assist you with the following:

  • Order business cards. Orders can be placed through Nathan Porter at nathanne.porter@ahs.ca The DoM will purchase your first set, future sets can be purchased by the physician
  • Advise of clinic phone/fax numbers/ long distance code
  • Order office supplies
  • Update voicemail greeting
Disaster Plan

Each Section will have a disaster plan and how it impacts its members. Physicians should be aware of their Sections “Yellow Binder” which can be made available by contacting your Section Chief or Clinical Administrative Assistant.