Kelsey Muldoon, Physician Recruitment Coordinator
Department of Medicine
Foothills Medical Centre 1403-29 St. NW

Tel: 403-944-2264

On behalf of the Department of Medicine, please let us welcome you to the Department and the University of Calgary. Navigating the processes and systems required to get you up and running in your new position can be complex so the role of the physician recruitment coordinator is to facilitate that process for you. The Coordinator will be working closely with you to ensure that you are set up and ready in time for your start date and will be your primary contact person through this process.

Please follow the instructions in this reference guide to set up your Medical Staff Appointment, University of Calgary Clinical Appointment, Alberta Health Services Vendor ID, Alberta Health New Practitioner Registration, University of Calgary Medical Group Membership, as well as other important steps vital to your recruitment.

Please read through the guide below before completing any forms, these should be sent directly to Kelsey Muldoon. If you have any questions as you go through this guide, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Medical Staff Appointment (MSA)

A Medical Staff Appointment outlines the Practitioner’s rights and responsibilities associated with their appointment, it grants you Clinical Privileges and access to AHS facilities. Clinical Privileges are procedures that may be performed by a Practitioner; Sites of Clinical Activity in which a Practitioner may perform Procedures or provide care to Patients; and the AHS Programs and Professional Services that are available to a Practitioner in order to provide care to Patients.
Please send the following information to

  • Full name – last, first, middle
  • Date of birth
  • Your current home address, phone & cell
  • Your current office address, pager, phone, fax
  • Calgary address, phone & cell (if available)
  • Personal email address

Upon receipt of the above information, Kelsey will initiate correspondence with the Medical Staff Office (MSO). Expect to receive an MSA application package from the MSO shortly afterwards. You will be expected to complete the following items, in anticipation of this package we recommend reviewing the items below:

  • Register for College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) Practice Permit - Reference
  • Apply with Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) - Reference
  • Complete Information Privacy & IT Security Training - Reference
  • You will be expected to complete an Alberta Health Services Security Check - Reference. However do not apply until the MSO requests it as it is only valid for 90 days.

When your documents have been received the Medical Staff Office (MSO) will send you an Appointment Offer Letter (AOL). Upon signing your AOL you have agreed to be governed by both the AHS Bylaws and AHS Rules which can be found on

Following this, the MSO will release an MSA memo confirming that Medical Affairs has verified your credentials and recognizes your clinical privileges as detailed in the document.

Supplementary Appointment

A Practitioner may be appointed to more than one Zone Clinical Department (within one or more Zones) but one department must be designated as the Primary Zone Clinical Department.
A Supplementary Appointment is granted to establish a relationship, and the details of the relationship, between a practitioner and a Department & Section outside of the Primary Appointment. The Supplementary Appointment will identify the Supplementary Department and Section, if applicable, will include all clinical privileges required for the role, as a standalone appointment. For example, if FMC is granted as a site on the Primary Appointment, it is not, and should be considered, a site on the Supplementary Appointment, rather it should be identified on the Supplementary Appointment along with the approved procedures, and include any applicable term if one exists. If there is an end date on a Practitioners Medical Staff and/or U of C appointment(s) it is strongly recommended for this to match the Supplementary Appointment end/renewal date.
In the Calgary Zone, some facilities are governed by Departments that mandate a Supplementary Appointment be in place before the practitioner is granted access to the site. This is true for Oncology who oversees the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, and the Pediatrics which oversees the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Any practitioner requesting privileges at these facilities should arrange a Supplementary Appointment with the respective Department.
The following is needed if a supplementary appointment is added to an existing appointment:

  • Approval from the Head in the Department adding the Supplementary Appointment, including procedures that need to be added
  • Consent from Practitioner is required if any changes are made

Courtesy Supplementary Appointment

Departments are discipline based with the exception of Rural Medicine where practitioners form any discipline may provide services. When a Specialist requests privileges that must be arranged through Rural Medicine as the Primary Appointment, we strongly recommend that a courtesy Supplementary Appointment (excluding any clinical privileges) be established with their respective Specialty Department for review and recommendations that the practitioner is deemed competent for the requested privileges.
If you have any questions about Supplementary Appointments, please contact Kelsey Muldoon at 403-944-2264 or by email at

University of Calgary Clinical Appointment

Department of Medicine (DOM) Medical Staff are required to hold a University of Calgary Clinical Appointment if they participate in the following activities:

  • Clinical work with learners
  • Research
  • Education

Clinical appointments may be made for periods of twelve months up to five years. The University rank and years will be determined by the Department Head for individuals who do not currently hold a Continuing, Contingent Term or Limited Term appointment.

CV Guidelines

The DOM requires a copy of your most recent CV in UofC format.

Reference Letters

The DoM will ask your referees to provide a letter a reference commenting on how they would rate your expertise in your field, ability to meet deadlines, teaching abilities, communication skills, initiative/ problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, and other relevant information. Your referees must be prepared to submit this letter within 30 days of the DoM’s request.

Please send the following information to

  • Name of the referee
  • University rank
  • Department
  • Name of University
  • Email address

Clinical/Adjunct Personal Information Form

Joint Appointment

A joint appointment is granted if a Practitioner will be contributing to a specific department academically. They allow for practitioners to participate in the Department’s academic activities, apply for funding and supervise graduate students within those Departments. Joint appointments can also be offered to academics outside the Cumming School of Medicine who are fully involved in the Department. Creating a Joint Appointment helps account for FTE appropriately within each Department.
The following is required for a Joint Appointment:

  • The Primary Department Head will need to approve of the joint appointment
  • If an existing joint appointment(s) exists the Department Head(s) will also need to support this
  • After this approval is granted an offer of appointment will be created

Joint appointments will be aligned with the end date of the Practitioners current appointment.
Joint appointments result in full involvement of the Department Heads in all academic processes, including merit, tenure and promotion. This should be considered when deciding between offering a Joint or Adjunct appointment to those outside of the School.

Adjunct Appointment

Usually for scientist, PhDs or individuals who are leaving Calgary temporarily and who wish to keep their status. This allows individuals to gain or retain access so that they can participate in the Departments’ academic activities. An Adjunct will give the individual access to email, grants, eFin, projects, payments, etc. Adjunct appointments can also be offered to academics outside of the Cumming School of Medicine.
These individuals require minimal association with the U of C as research collaborators or occasional lecturers. An adjunct allows them to apply for independent research funds. They do not require AHS privileges and they cannot be UCMG members.
If you have any questions about Joint or Adjunct Appointments, please contact Aleida Broenink at 403-944-4910 or by email at

Alberta Health Services Vendor ID

A vendor ID is required in order for you to receive payments from AHS such as call stipends. Upon release of your MSA memo, Kelsey will submit the required documents.
Please complete the following:

  • Medical Affairs Vendor Change Request form
  • Include a void cheque
University of Calgary Medical Group (UCMG)

All physician membership of the DOM must be members of the UCMG. The UCMG agency agreement can be found here, the UCMG Clinical Practice Levy at a Glance is also available. You will be required to added to the UCMG business arrangement number.*

*A business arrangement is an agreement for the payment of health services provided. All practitioner registered with Alberta Health and Wellness must have or be part of a business arrangement in order to claim for services.

UCMG provides you with the following Operational Services:

  • Clerical, Nursing, Chart Handling/EMR
  • Janitorial, Clinic Space, Procedures, Lab/Diagnostics
  • Clinical supplies, HVAC, Housekeeping, Security, General Maintenance
  • Shared administrative support, Office or touchdown space
  • AHS intranet/internal information technologies and systems, UCMG & AHS Transcription, Billing clerk, Sabbatical credits

If you already have a Prac ID, complete this form to be added:

  • Select 'Add me to the Business Arrangement'
  • Leave 'Business Arrangement Number' blank
  • Effective date is your start date, leave blank if unknown
  • If you have a current BA number, select 'End my relationship with the BA' and enter corresponding number
  • Effective end date is the day before your start date, leave blank if unknown
  • 'BA contract holder name' is University of Calgary
  • 'Practitioner name' is your name
  • Ensure you include your Prac ID
  • Enter your Section in the 'Indicate the skill that will be used on most claims' space
  • Under 'Section B' sign on 'Practitioner Signature'

Fee for Service Physicians

Physician pays 14 -18% of their total billings to UCMG (approximately $45k to a maximum of $96K)

Please complete the following forms and include void cheque:

AMHSP Physicians

Please complete the following forms:

Alberta Health New Practitioner Registration (Prac ID)

All practicing physicians require a Practitioner Identification Number also known as a Prac ID. Alberta Health registers practitioners for a claim payment or patient referral purposes.

Please see below for instructions on how to complete the required Practitioner Information form (AHC0912).

  • Complete sections A, B, D, H, F
  • Completing Section F:
    • Effective date is your start date – please leave this blank if you are unsure of the exact start date
    • Leave "I will be joining BA number" blank as UCMG has a BA number that Kelsey will fill in
  • Send Kelsey ( a copy of your CPSA License (practice permit), Registration & Understanding Agreement Letter (RUA) and Specialty Letter. **

** You can get your Practice Permit, Registration & Understanding Agreement (RUA) Letter, and Specialty Letter by contacting the College of Physician and Surgeons of Alberta at: -us/ | Phone: 780-423-4764

This process can take up to 90 days.
Waiting for your Prac ID?

  • Call Alberta Health Toll free 310-0000 then 780-422-1522
  • Have your CPSA number handy
  • Your Prac ID should be available approximately 5 business days after submission
  • If you are in the AMHSP please state that you are in the AMHSP when requesting your Prac ID

Professional Corporation

If you would like to register your professional corporation, please do the following:

  • Select 'also register Professional Corporation' on the Practitioner Information Form referenced above
  • Include a void cheque from the corporation
  • Include Form F from CPSA (you will need to register your Professional Corporation with CPSA to obtain Form F)
  • Include Certificate of Incorporation
  • Complete Alberta Health Form 0911

Upon completion of the above items, click here to finalize your recruitment.