Research – Health and Safety

A list of training modules can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety webpage of the U of C at:

All training requires login through the U of C’s Central Authentication Service (i.e. you will need your UCID to login), but various tabs that will get you there are hyperlinked below.

  • All university employees (faculty, management and staff alike) need to complete the University’s occupational health and safety orientation within the first week of employment. You will also need to complete the Hazard Assessment Training and it is highly recommended that you complete the Incident Reporting and Investigation Training module, particularly if you will be managing/supervising other University employees.
  • Only those who work in/supervise a laboratory environment need to complete the following training (all listed on the “Course Listing – Mandatory Training” tab): WHMIS (even if you won’t directly be working in a lab), Laboratory Safety Training (only if you will be working in the lab yourself), Spill Response Training (only if you will be working in the lab yourself). If the lab deals with biohazards (most DOM members with labs fall into this category), you will also require Biosafety Program Training (if applicable, the completion certificate for this module is required by the university’s Research and Trust Accounting department to set up new project accounts – you will not get your money if you don’t do this!).
    • If you will be working directly in a lab with biohazard designation (i.e. not just supervising staff and students), you will also need to complete Biosafety Laboratory Training, as well as Biosafety Bloodborne Pathogens Training if working with bloodborne pathogens.

Any other courses offered should be listed through the “Course Listing – Mandatory Training” tab on the University’s Environmental Health and Safety webpage.


Chris Pinter
Occupational Health and Safety Partner
Cumming School of Medicine

Eoin O’Grady
Biosafety Program

Megan McDonald
Lab Safety Advisor