Resources – Benefits

Fee for Service Physicians

The physician is responsible for purchasing health and insurance benefits.

ARP Physicians

The Department does not offer benefits to ARP members however; under the current ARP contract, ARP members will receive $22,364.00 prorated to annual FTE (calculated and paid on a monthly basis) in which they are strongly encouraged to purchase benefits with. Payment will be dispersed on a monthly basis guaranteed until the end of this fiscal year (March 31, 2018).

Benefit packages are subject to change under the new Alberta Academic Medicine & Health Services Program (AAMHSP)


An attractive benefits package through the University of Calgary will apply.
Visit for more information.

GFT New Hire Information

  • A new Offer of Appointment will be made to register your GFT status. This will be circulated for signature and sent to the University for processing.
  • If you previously were an AARP member you would have received Payments in lieu that were used to purchase your individual benefits.
  • As a GFT, Full-Time member your benefits will now be covered by the University of Calgary. Therefore, the in lieu payments will no longer be paid.
  • Please note your AARP monthly payments will be reduced to reflect your rank salary. If your GFT appointment is processed after the intended start date it will result in your rank salary being retroactively paid.
    • Similarly, any benefit expenses will need to be paid out of pocket until your appointment is fully processed. Please be sure to keep all receipts. Once your benefit plans are active in the system, you will be able to submit the receipts for reimbursement through your coverage plans.