Canada’s lung experts: Our specialized, collaborative physicians, therapists, researchers and academics based at the University of Calgary have direct access to emerging treatments through global networks. So you can breathe easy.


Dr. Ward FlemonsOur only focus is helping you breathe easy. Because when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.

Our specialized, collaborative group of over 35 physicians, therapists, researchers and academics based at the University of Calgary and Cumming School of Medicine, are Canada’s top lung specialists and are globally recognized for our ongoing contributions to innovative and emerging treatments.

We are the number one choice of family physicians for complex, acute lung diagnosis, patient care and consultations in the region, which includes the Calgary zone and southern Alberta, as well as southeastern B.C. and parts of Saskatchewan.

We are purely focused on lung health, research and specialist medical training.


  • Caregivers:Our dedicated team of more than 35 specialist doctors and other health care professionals anchors the depth and breadth of respiratory services provided from all Calgary hospitals, directly serving patients from across Southern Alberta and Southeastern BC, and across Canada via consultation requests from other physicians.
  • Colleagues: Referring physicians have easy access to our specialist consultations and a 1-step process for getting patients to the right experts in a timely manner.
  • Researchers:We are leaders of innovation, creating new technologies that help to evolve respiratory care across Canada and internationally.
  • Teachers: Our physicians and researchers participate in the highly sought after accredited training for Pulmonary Medicine in the Respiratory Medicine section, University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine.
  • Community leaders: We’re not just plugged in to the world’s leading networks of respiratory research, knowledge-sharing, academics and patient care. We create it.

Put the full power of the collaborative Calgary Respiratory Medicine team at the University of Calgary behind your lungs. And then, breathe easy.


Our lung specialists provide expert general and specialist care clinics from convenient locations across Calgary and through all four city hospitals as the Alberta Health Services (AHS) designated respiratory consultation service for the region. Anything about lungs or breathing in adult patients, we are the recognized area and national experts with experience in, and access to, the latest treatments, technology and research. We are leading Canadian respiratory and pulmonary experts in 10 subspecialty areas:

Breathe Easy. We are Calgary Respiratory Medicine. We can help.


  • Physician referral: Form and Process
  • Patient inquiries:Contact your family physician or primary care network


ClinicClinic LeadSites
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) SHC
Asthma / COPDDr. Brandie WalkerFMC, RGH
Bone Marrow Transplant TBCC
Bronchiectasis FMC
Calgary Advanced Respiratory Disease Clinic Dr. Tara Lohmann SHC
Chronic Cough Clinic Drs. Stephen Field (FMC), Juri Janovcik (PLC), Tara Lohmann (SHC)FMC, PLC, SHC
Cystic Fibrosis FMC
Dyspnea ClinicDr. Alain TremblayTBCC
General RespirologyFMC, PLC, RGH, SHC
Interstitial Lung DiseaseDr. Charlene FellSHC
Interventional Pulmonary Medicine & ATOPDr. Alain TremblaySHC
Lung Cancer TBCC
Lung TransplantDr. Doug HelmersenFMC
Pulmonary Hypertension Dr. Doug HelmersenPLC
Respiratory Neuromuscular Dr, Karen RimmerPLC
Sleep MedicineDr. Pat HanlyHSC
Tracheostomy PLC
TuberculosisDr. Dina FisherSRP
Vocal Cord Dysfunction RRC




Calgary Respiratory Medicine is a great option for Calgary Zone family physicians. Benefits for you and your patients that can’t be replicated by community respirology/pulmonology practice include:

  • Expertise: World-class experts in general and 13 sub-specialty respiratory areas; the most experience, the best care and equipment, and the latest knowledge all focused on your patient.
  • Convenience: Diagnosis and treatment provided across the city from clinics at all four acute care sites, and throughout the surrounding area; often patients can choose their preferred location; we also consult and see patients from across southern Alberta and southeastern B.C.
  • Access: We are leaders in the variety of simple and convenient channels and platforms that we use to connect with you and your staff for consultations and education.
  • Collaboration: Your patients have our entire team working for them. Within our group of medical practitioners, faculty and researchers we regularly connect to share and consult on our own patient cases and to learn about innovations from our professional networks. The vast majority of us regularly contribute research and run clinical trials, connecting us academically and professionally to other leaders in the field.
  • Efficiency: 1-step referral process.


Lung disease takes many forms. It can be rare and complex. Identifying and navigating the appropriate sub-specialty care for your respiratory patient needs shouldn’t cause delays and frustration.

Calgary Respiratory Medicine provides services across Calgary’s four adult acute care sites. Some services are provided at all sites, so patients can choose a preferred location.

For most respiratory services you only need to know one simple referral pathway. Then let our city-wide network of specialists triage respiratory cases for you.

  • See the referrals section below to complete and submit the Generic Referral Form to get our team on the case for your respiratory patients.
  • Referrals for the following three pulmonary areas of expertise should be sent directly to that clinic.
    • ATOP (Alberta Thoracic Oncology Program) – suspected lung cancer F: 403-944-8848 | P: 403-944-1774
    • Sleep Clinic F: 403-270-2718 | P: 403-944-2404
    • Tuberculosis Clinic (TB suspected / TB confirmed) F: 403-291-9185 | P: 403-944-7660



Respiratory referrals for all other general or sub-specialty care are quick and easy:

  1. Complete the Alberta Health Services’ Generic Referral Form.
    • Referral to a specific respirologist can be indicated on the referral form.
  2. Referrals for the following three pulmonary areas of expertise should be sent directly to that clinic – contact information is listed below..
    • ATOP (Alberta Thoracic Oncology Program) – suspected lung cancer F: 403-944-8848 | P: 403-944-1774
    • Sleep Clinic F: 403-270-2718 | P: 403-944-2404
    • Tuberculosis Clinic (TB suspected / TB confirmed) F: 403-291-9185 | P: 403-944-7660
  3. Fax completed forms to PCAT (Pulmonary Central Access and Triage) at 403-592-4201.
  4. There may be requirements for tests to be completed before the referral is made. Please consult the Alberta Referral Pathways guide for PCAT for specific information.
  5. PCAT confirms receipt of a referral within two business days by return fax.
    • Wait times vary depending on the site the patient would like to be seen at and the type of clinic required.

Additional information about referrals can be obtained from the Alberta Referral Directory.



Dr. Michael RomanTroubled breathing? Abnormal chest imaging? We know nothing else matters when you can’t breathe. So physicians and patients in and around the Calgary zone can feel confident they are receiving the best lung care available with a referral to Calgary Respiratory Medicine.

Calgary Respiratory Medicine at the University of Calgary is made up of over 35 world class lung specialists and researchers on the leading edge of respiratory care. From airways disease to sleep apnea, and from unexplained shortness of breath to pulmonary hypertension and cancer, here’s how you and your patients benefit:

  1. The Power of Team
    With over 35 respiratory specialists and subspecialists collaborating and consulting as a team, patients are accessing a network of people with many different skill sets and experience.

    “The wealth of knowledge and experience within our group is second to none,” says Dr. Michael Roman, respiratory specialist based at the Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary. “When you see one of us you’re really seeing dozens of us because we have formal and informal ways to bounce cases off each other.”

  2. Consultations the way you want them
    Calgary Respiratory Medicine is committed to accessible and timely advice for physicians:

    • E-Referral advice through NetCare
    • Shared Care Program: Schedule a respiratory specialist visit at your Primary Care Network location

  3. Specialized testing
    Specialized and state-of-the-art testing is available only through Calgary Respiratory Medicine. “The majority of those advanced specialized tests are restricted to ordering by our team members,” says Dr. Roman. We are the Respiratory Division of the University of Calgary Department of Medicine which provides in-patient and out-patient clinics at all four adult hospitals in Calgary as well as consultations for the surrounding region.

  4. Leading technology
    Our team members are heavily involved in respiratory research and medical teaching programs at the University of Calgary so we can commission and access state-of-the-art technology for diagnosing and treating lung disease. “You can think of it as ‘buying power’ due to our size and as part of the UofC medical training and research programs,” says Dr. Roman. “This type of equipment is just not available to community programs.”

  5. Teaching and research environment
    Many of our team members are professors at the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine and we all contribute to specialist training in the form of Fellows Clinics in our day-to-day practice. “In a teaching environment patients are often seen by two respiratory specialists, so that’s beneficial to patients.”

    Medical research is also a key part of our team environment and responsibilities within the University. Our members contribute significantly to the international body of pulmonary knowledge through our local research. “And information sharing from that network typically starts with universities and then trickles out to the community so we have quick and early access to the latest developments from around the world for treating lung disease and breathing issues.”

  6. Patient resources
    Our extended team includes Certified Respiratory Educators, Respiratory Therapists, Registered Nurses and clinic managers and staff all focused on patients and families. They are accessible to provide information or support, including education with inhalers and other equipment.

    “Patients continually say these supports are a great resource to have and to reach out to between appointments” says Dr. Roman.

  7. Easy referral process

    Our referral triage system is physician-led. Often patients can choose their preferred clinic location.

    “If you’re a family doctor referring, you can be confident that what people are accessing through the Division is leading edge,” says Dr. Roman.



For research and academic enquiries:
Dianne Aronyk, Administrative Assistant to:
Dr. Ward Flemons, Zone Clinical Section Chief
Room 4C70, Health Research Innovation Centre, University of Calgary

Phone: 403-220-8810
Fax: 403-210-7944