Respiratory Medicine – Rotating Residents

General Information

The Respirology service hosts a number of residents from different programs including Internal Medicine, Anaesthesiology, ICU, Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Physiatry, and Paediatrics. Residents will be allocated to one of three acute care sites – Foothills Medical Center, Peter Lougheed Center or the Rockyview General Hospital. Each site has an inpatient service, and runs a consultation service as well. Residents will work on the respiratory team which may include several residents, a pulmonary fellow, a clinical clerk and a clinical assistant and/or nurse practitioner, all under the supervision of a weekly attending respirologist. Residents will gain experience in common and complex respiratory problems, and will have access to procedures.

Below are some important documents to read before starting your rotation, particularly the introduction letters for each site (which details where to go on your first day, call requirements, basics of the service, etc). PLEASE READ.

Medicine Residents on a General Ambulatory Block

During the internal medicine general ambulatory block (night float + clinics), medicine residents may attend various respiratory clinics. Please view your One45 handouts for access to the City Wide Respiratory Clinic schedule.

Elective Rotation Inquiries

We encourage residents from accredited academic institutions to do elective respirology rotations in Calgary. It gives you an opportunity to experience the program and to enjoy the city. We can accommodate most requests if inquiries are made early. Note, we are able only to offer a 4 week rotation ( no two-week rotations).

Please open Resident Request for Elective Rotation and/or contact the program administrator (see training program page for contact information) for further information.