Respiratory Medicine – Referral Process

The Section of Respiratory Medicine participates with and directs a central access point for most referred patients who require general or subspecialty respiratory care. Referrals should be made using Alberta Health Services’ Generic Referral Form. Once the form is completed it should be  faxed to PCAT (Pulmonary Central Access and Triage) – 403-944-1250. So that patients can be directed to the most appropriate pulmonary subspecialty clinic, there are requirements for testing to be completed prior to the referral being made for some patients – information about these requirements are based on the reason the patient is being referred. Please consult the Alberta Referral Pathways guide for PCAT for specific information.

PCAT will confirm receipt of a referral within two business days by return fax. Waiting times vary depending on the site the patient would like to be seen at and the type of clinic the patient needs to be seen at. If a referring physician wants to direct the referral to a specific respirologist that simply needs to be indicated on the referral form.

Referrals for the following three pulmonary areas of expertise should be sent directly to that clinic – contact information is listed below.

ATOP (Alberta Thoracic Oncology Program) – suspected lung cancer403-944-8848403-944-1774
Sleep Clinic403-270-2718403-944-2404
Tuberculosis Clinic (TB suspected / TB confirmed)403-291-9185403-944-7660

Additional information about referrals can be obtained from the Alberta Referral Directory.