Dr. Michael RomanTroubled breathing? Abnormal chest imaging? We know nothing else matters when you can’t breathe. So physicians and patients in and around the Calgary zone can feel confident they are receiving the best lung care available with a referral to Calgary Respiratory Medicine.

Calgary Respiratory Medicine at the University of Calgary is made up of over 35 world class lung specialists and researchers on the leading edge of respiratory care. From airways disease to sleep apnea, and from unexplained shortness of breath to pulmonary hypertension and cancer, here’s how you and your patients benefit:

  1. The Power of Team
    With over 35 respiratory specialists and subspecialists collaborating and consulting as a team, patients are accessing a network of people with many different skill sets and experience.

    “The wealth of knowledge and experience within our group is second to none,” says Dr. Michael Roman, respiratory specialist based at the Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary. “When you see one of us you’re really seeing dozens of us because we have formal and informal ways to bounce cases off each other.”

  2. Consultations the way you want them
    Calgary Respiratory Medicine is committed to accessible and timely advice for physicians:

    • E-Referral advice through NetCare
    • Shared Care Program: Schedule a respiratory specialist visit at your Primary Care Network location

  3. Specialized testing
    Specialized and state-of-the-art testing is available only through Calgary Respiratory Medicine. “The majority of those advanced specialized tests are restricted to ordering by our team members,” says Dr. Roman. We are the Respiratory Division of the University of Calgary Department of Medicine which provides in-patient and out-patient clinics at all four adult hospitals in Calgary as well as consultations for the surrounding region.

  4. Leading technology
    Our team members are heavily involved in respiratory research and medical teaching programs at the University of Calgary so we can commission and access state-of-the-art technology for diagnosing and treating lung disease. “You can think of it as ‘buying power’ due to our size and as part of the UofC medical training and research programs,” says Dr. Roman. “This type of equipment is just not available to community programs.”

  5. Teaching and research environment
    Many of our team members are professors at the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine and we all contribute to specialist training in the form of Fellows Clinics in our day-to-day practice. “In a teaching environment patients are often seen by two respiratory specialists, so that’s beneficial to patients.”

    Medical research is also a key part of our team environment and responsibilities within the University. Our members contribute significantly to the international body of pulmonary knowledge through our local research. “And information sharing from that network typically starts with universities and then trickles out to the community so we have quick and early access to the latest developments from around the world for treating lung disease and breathing issues.”

  6. Patient resources
    Our extended team includes Certified Respiratory Educators, Respiratory Therapists, Registered Nurses and clinic managers and staff all focused on patients and families. They are accessible to provide information or support, including education with inhalers and other equipment.

    “Patients continually say these supports are a great resource to have and to reach out to between appointments” says Dr. Roman.

  7. Easy referral process

    Our referral triage system is physician-led. Often patients can choose their preferred clinic location.

    “If you’re a family doctor referring, you can be confident that what people are accessing through the Division is leading edge,” says Dr. Roman.